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Sharon Lambert and Naoise √ď Caoilte‚ÄĒMental Health Podcasts: A Force for...

Researchers from University College Cork discuss their research on the benefits of listening to mental health related podcasts which indicates that podcasts improve mental health literacy, and reduce stigma.

How to Integrate Culture into Mental Health Care

Researchers explore how culturally responsive services can create greater equity in mental health care.

House on Fire: A ‘Mental Health Literacy’ Parable

This fictitious conversation between a client and therapist highlights a number of problematic views and practices commonly encountered in the mental health system. Although they may not ‚Äúblame the brain‚ÄĚ as often as psychiatrists, many therapists have also adopted the DSM-based biomedical framework in their work.

Mental Health First Aid: Another Psychiatric Expansionist Tool

Mental health literacy doesn't just mean the acquisition of some information and skills; it also means accepting the psychiatric hoax: "attitudes that promote recognition and appropriate help-seeking."  The goal is not just the dissemination of psychiatry-friendly information, but also the active conversion of skeptics to the psychiatric cause.

In Search of an Evidence-based Role for Psychiatry

A dilemma for all of us who are struggling to broaden our understanding of human distress beyond simplistic, pessimistic, bio-genetic ideology, and to improve our mental health services accordingly, is whether or not to soften our criticisms of psychiatry in the hope of reaching those psychiatrists whose minds are not totally closed. But doing so rests on the assumption that change can come from within the profession. For the last few decades examples of that are few and far between.