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How Do You Live at the Intersection of Love and Outrage?

The primary lesson of the mental health civil rights community is that we have to learn to lean on each other to get though adversity, which means opening up and admitting when things aren't moving in a direction we want or expected or try to typically project publicly. We have to ask for help. Here's what I'm chewing on or what's chewing on me.

How entrepreneurial thinking can improve mental health advocacy

I've been working on starting a business that can use market forces to create benefit for our communities. This is called social entrepreneurship. Different models...

Why We Should Be Customers and Not Charity Cases

Recently I posted about mental health social entrepreneurship, where we can use market based principles to solve our problems accessing effective care. Some people...

Why We Need Mental Health Social Entrepreneurship

A mental health social entrepreneurship is a business that uses market principles to maximize benefit instead of maximizing profit. For instance, my business, Wellness...