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On Human Nature and Its Implications for the Mind-Body Problem

Peter Hacker's magnum opus explores what it means to be human via an analysis of the language we use. Through disclosing the conceptual framework within which we think, act and come to know things, our deep and implicit understanding of ourselves and our world is revealed.

Zombies Must Be Dualists

In this piece for Nautilus, Sean Carroll introduces the idea of a "philosophical zombie," beings that look and behave exactly like humans, but lack the...

Dualism and the Mind-Body ‘Problem’

The proposal that there are differences in the way we understand the human body and human activity seems to make people particularly uneasy. It is often misunderstood as illustrating the ‘mind-body problem,’ and held up as an example of the great crime of ‘dualism.’

I Am Not a Brain: Philosophy of Mind

From Times Higher Education: A new book by Marcus Gabriel, I Am Not a Brain: Philosophy of Mind for the 21st Century, critiques the idea prevalent...

Freud the Philosopher

From Aeon: In addition to creating the discipline of psychoanalysis and developing psychological theories, Freud played a major role in challenging the common philosophical assumptions...

“Psychiatry’s Mind-Brain Problem”

A New York Times Op-Ed by Cornell psychiatry professor George Makari connects the surprise over the results of the widely-covered RAISE study to American psychiatry’s shift toward pharmacology and the oversimplification of disorders as brain diseases.

“Fixing the Brain is Not the New World for Psychiatry”

Writing on his critical psychiatry blog, Duncan Double critiques Joe Herbert’s piece on “Why can't we treat mental illness by fixing the brain?” in Aeon. While Herbert admits that there is a "mysterious and seemingly unfathomable gap" between psychology and neuroscience, which "bedevils not only psychiatry, but all attempts to understand the meaning of humanity,” he goes on to speculate that someday psychiatrists will be able to relate symptoms to brain activity.