Freud the Philosopher


From Aeon: In addition to creating the discipline of psychoanalysis and developing psychological theories, Freud played a major role in challenging the common philosophical assumptions among the neurologists and psychologists of his day. He rejected two Cartesian intellectual traditions: the concept of mind-body dualism, and the idea that the mind is entirely conscious.

“The sketch of Freud’s conception of the architecture of the mind, and its implications for the science of psychology, are just two strands – albeit two very important ones – of the rich philosophical tapestry of his thinking. Whatever one might think of the particular empirical claims that Freud advanced – notions such as the Oedipus complex, the mechanisms of defence, and the theory of dreaming – there is another, relatively unrecognised, aspect of Freud’s thinking: a profoundly philosophical dimension that promises rich intellectual rewards to anyone who cares to pursue it.”

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  1. Freud the fraud you mean. The way I look at it, you can pin this growing medicalization problem we’ve got today directly at the feet of “father figure” Sigmund. The ‘trade in lunacy’ got a huge shot in the arm (i.e. boost) with the introduction of the “lunacy” of neurosis and “hysteria”, and the “soul healer” business has seldom looked back since…There’s no profit, after all, to be made by doing so.

    Theorizing “mind” “body” gives a special status to the medical profession, and so, if your philosophy is a philosophy of medicine, you must be on top of the world with Freud’s almost infinite addition to your patient reservoir, however, I’d question how much such a study of folly could be pertinent to the desire for wisdom, in the end, without consciousness. Consciousness again returning us to the rational, non-medical, fold.

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  2. Psychiatry is a pseudo religion. Freud is the Father of psychiatry, I.e., the Father. The psychiatrists are the preachers of the gospel. There are believers and non believers. A 1 hour session at the psychiatrists office is like Sunday church where the teachings of the father are delivered in sermons. The DSM4/5 is the Bible of psychiatry, I.e. The Bible. It lists the 374 deadly sins. The psychiatric drugs are the holy water. They are used to modify the sinner to the ideals of Freud. The preacher anoints the believer with the holy water at the end of the session. Psychiatry considers all human flawed and in need of church and holy water. The believers take the holy water to show alliegance to the father, Freud. Non believers are ostracized.

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