Tag: neuroscience and free will

Antonio Damasio, Feeling, and the Evolution of Consciousness

From the Los Angeles Review of Books: In his new book The Strange Order of Things, neuroscientist Antonio Damasio highlights the role of feeling and subjectivity...

Can Science Ever Tell us Whether Free Will Exists?

From The Irish Times: In recent experiments, scientists have identified "unconscious determinants" in the brain that help predict the decisions of research subjects. However, philosophers argue...

Brain Prepares Multiple Actions Before Decision

According to new research summarized by ScienceDaily, there is evidence that the brain prepares for multiple possible actions before a decision is made.

From Phrenology to Brain Scans: How Shaky Neuroscience has Influenced Courts

In “When Phrenology Was Used in Court,” Geoffrey S. Holtzman writes for Slate about the spurious use of brain science in legal cases. In the 1800’s the “science of phrenology” promised to reveal criminal psychological traits by measuring the skull and today defense teams still employ neurogenetic explanations for their client’s violent behavior.