1. Psychiatry wants us to think we are just chemical robots with no spirit, no soul, no free will.

    Do you want something fun to read instead of this lame article ?

    “Biological psychiatrists not only reject the very existence of the human spirit but reject freewill itself. They believe “free will” is simply an illusion created by the electrical charges in our brains and that man is nothing more than a chemical robot. God made man a freewill agent who makes personal choices on what he thinks, believes and does. God is a libertarian who allows us the freedom to choose any sinful behaviour including suicide, but then will judge us for our choices on the last day. Biopsychiatrists view man as a “meat puppet” and a “chemical robot” merely acting out “irresistible impulses” predetermined by DNA and a collection of soups and sparks inside his brain.”

    Read more: http://www.bible.ca/psychiatry/welcome.htm

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  2. The brain may work in specific ways, but it is the mind (the neuroscientist’s mind-stream) that does all the analyses about what the brain does. Brains don’t talk. It is the mind that thinks and analyzes the outside environment, about how the liver works, how the nervous system works and how the brain works. All of us have a mind-stream that is changing all the time.

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