From Phrenology to Brain Scans: How Shaky Neuroscience has Influenced Courts


In “When Phrenology Was Used in Court,” Geoffrey S. Holtzman writes for Slate about the spurious use of brain science in legal cases. In the 1800’s the “science of phrenology” promised to reveal criminal psychological traits by measuring the skull and today defense teams still employ neurogenetic explanations for their client’s violent behavior.

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  1. Since our current court system still believes in the scientifically invalid DSM disorders, and it has odd delusions corporations are people, I’m quite certain our current justice system is, at a minimum delusional, and in reality quite corrupt, especially when it comes to the psychiatrists’ crimes against humanity.

    I will say it is amazing how embarrassed State Attorneys get when confronted with the illegal confinements by doctors like the now arrested V. R. Kuchipudi. And I told my story to a guy who was a judge, because he asked me to tell him about an injustice I’d dealt with in a bible study class. Oh my God, he was well aware of the problem of child abuse cover ups by psychiatrists, and tried to shut me up as quickly as possible. The rest of the people in the class were shocked and appalled. Shame on our current judges, really. And that goes for the judges who were “bought out by the banks,” according to a bunch of lawyers in my former neighborhood, during the mortgage crisis. I’d say the current judicial system is now filled with a bunch of corrupt and delusional judges, in all reality.

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