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Has the FDA Abandoned Its Off-Label Promotion Ban?

On Tuesday,Ā the FDA entered intoĀ a settlement agreement inĀ Amarin Pharma v. U.S. Food & Drug Administration, allowing AmarinĀ to promoteĀ a prescription drug for off-label use, so long as its promotion is truthful and non-misleading. TheĀ Amarin Settlement seems to be an abandonment by the federal government of protecting the public from off-label prescriptions. Ā But these settlement were just the cost of doing business for the drug companies, while they continue rake in huge profits from the continued off-label prescribing of drugs, which does not diminish after the settlements. Of course, anything that is false or misleading is still grounds for charges, but that is a far harder case to make. I think the ban against off-label promotionĀ is dead for all practical purposes. Ā 

The ADHD Drug Abuse Crisis on College Campuses

The abuse of ADHD drugs on college campuses has reached epidemic proportions, according to the authors of a recent review in the journal of Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry. ADHD drugs, like Ritalin and Adderall, have become so commonplace on college campuses that students abusing these drugs for studying, weight loss and partying have underestimated their risks. As a result, we have seen exponential increases in emergency room visits, overdoses, and suicides by students taking these drugs.