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New Study Challenges Impartiality of Peer Review

New research shows that more connected and well-known researchers are more likely to be published, even when they receive negative reviews.

Predatory Journals Hit by ‘Star Wars’ Sting

From Neuroskeptic: Several "predatory" scientific journals — those that charge publication fees to authors without providing the editorial and publishing services offered by legitimate journals — have accepted a...

Phony Peer Review: The More we Look, the More we Find

From STAT: Publishers are increasingly finding previously published studies that need to be retracted due to fraudulent peer review processes. Springer recently announced the retraction of...

Highly Cited JAMA Psych Paper Retracted for “Pervasive Errors”

A study, comparing the effects of antidepressants combined with psychotherapy for severe depression to antidepressants alone, has been retracted and replaced by JAMA Psychiatry....

“Big Science is Broken”

For The Week, Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry comments on the current state of Science: the replicability crisis, the failure to self-correct, outright fraud, the inadequacy of...

“Why Our Peer Review System is a Toothless Watchdog”

From STAT: “Imagine that someone offers to give you a guard dog. When the wretched creature arrives, you find out that she is calf-high,...