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Break Down. Wake Up. podcast – Introduction

What do depression, loss, frustration, and conflict have to do with global transformation? You can find the answers in this introduction episode to the Break Down. Wake Up podcast

“The Lizard Inside”

For aeon, Roberta Payne, a professor of literature and the author of Speaking to My Madness: How I Searched for Myself in Schizophrenia, writes...

“Not All There: My Mother’s Lobotomy”

In a First Opinion featured story for STAT, Mona Gable tells the story of her mother, who had a lobotomy at age 33 as...

“The Vacuum of the Mind: A Self-Report on the Phenomenology of...

In this month’s Schizophrenia Bulletin, a person diagnosed with autism, OCD, obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, and major depressive disorder provides a first-hand close reading and description of their own psychiatric experiences.

Bottle Fish. Going and Doing. Being.

It seems that all the wants I have now for going and doing are a drug withdrawal, of sorts. I have been hooked, addicted to motion, fed on credits, isolated from the earth, from my humanity and from myself.