“Not All There: My Mother’s Lobotomy”


In a First Opinion featured story for STAT, Mona Gable tells the story of her mother, who had a lobotomy at age 33 as a wife and a mother of four children. “I never knew my mother when she was well, but I do know that after the lobotomy, she was never the same. She developed grand mal epilepsy. She could not taste or smell. She drank like a fish and cursed like a sailor. Her short-term memory was shot, her vocabulary frozen in the 1950s. She had what we now call ‘poor impulse control,’ meaning she said and did whatever sailed into her head.”

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  1. This is a comment on the wording of the donation box:

    “Enjoyed what you just read? Consider a donation to help us continue to produce content, provide up-to-date research news, offer continuing education courses, and continue building a community for exploring alternatives to the current paradigm of mental health. All donations are tax deductible.”

    No, i really did not enjoy it. Some similar but not as bad just happened to my mother in a modern, high-profile hospital and she has the mind of a child now. My mother is alive, but gone. I don’t read this site for enjoyment.

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