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Moving Mental Health Work Away from Diagnosis: Sarah Kamens and Peter...

MIA's Justin Karter interviews two leaders of the Task Force on Diagnostic Alternatives, a group of mental health professionals who have issued an open letter demanding a new look at psychiatric diagnosis.

The Creation of a Conceptual Alternative to the DSM: An Interview...

MIA's Zenobia Morrill interviews Lucy Johnstone about the reaction to the Power Threat Meaning Framework, her life influences, and her hopes for the future.

Constructing Alternatives to the DSM: An Interview with Dr. Jonathan Raskin

Dr. Raskin discusses psychotherapists’ dissatisfaction with current psychiatric diagnostic systems and explores alternatives.

May is Power Threat Meaning Month

In contrast to the medical ("mental illness") model, the Power Threat Meaning Framework (PTM) is a non-pathologizing, unifying model of human bio-psycho-social functioning. It applies to all human beings ‚ÄĒ not just those of us with mental health labels. There is finally a provider-proposed paradigm that is worth the effort of making the public aware.

A Radically Different Perspective on Mental Health

In this blog, Phil Wilshire, Principal Social Worker for Avon and Wiltshire NHS Partnership Trust, shares how the new Power Threat Meaning Framework aligns...

I’ve Been Waiting for This Since I Was a Child

In this piece for Canterbury Christ Church University, Nell Butler highlights the significance of the recently released Power Threat Meaning Framework. A trauma survivor herself, Butler...

It Doesn’t Need to Be Like This

In this piece for The British Psychological Society, clinical psychologist Dr. Penny Priest reports from the launch of the 'Power, Threat, Meaning' framework on January...