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Antichrist Priest by David Penner

“You are sick. You are unwell,” said the man in the white coat. “No rational person believes 9/11 was an inside job. Alas, You are a very sick man, and we are going to make you well. We can cure you. We used to burn witches, yet we’ve grown more Sophisticated in our methods. Now we leave the body intact - but not The mind. Look at what we did to Julian. No one can escape us.”

The 1%’s Mind Games: Psychology Gone Bad

In this piece for CounterPunch, Roy Eidelson explains the psychology of the persuasion and manipulation tactics utilized by the rich and powerful to maintain the oppressive status quo. "Given their...

“Psychiatric Meds Saved Your Life,” and Mine

It's not about whether it's right or wrong, true or false that psychiatric drugs save lives. It's about telling the stories that aren't being told. That's why psychiatric drugs saved my life after they destroyed my health and nearly killed me. They gave me something I care about and am passionate about writing about. They gave me a pathway to bring healing to others.