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Blaming the System May Be the Best Therapy

If this were an old sci-fi movie, psychiatry would be the evil alien race on a collision course with earth that plans to completely take it over as soon as it can. That we are not treating psychiatry as the malevolent invader that it is shows only how deeply we’ve fallen for its facade of helping people.

Right-Wing Psychiatry, Love-Me Liberals and the Anti-Authoritarian Left

Love-me liberals need to believe that they are completely tolerant and cannot admit that they are intolerant when it comes to certain kinds of defiance. Since love-me liberals are so self-certain of their tolerance, they believe that what upsets them must be a mental illness that requires treatment.

How Victimization Affects Political Engagement in Adolescence

Study examines relationships between experiences of victimization, beliefs in government, and political participation among 12th grade students