1. group protests may help to validate one’s personal experiences with victimization and create a shared sense of empowerment in advocating for social change.”

    This kind of thinking is the problem with everything. To live under capitalism is to live in a constant state of victimization, which is not reserved for particular individuals or groups; it’s simply a matter of degree. “Empowerment” is meaningless unless enforced with action.

    Group protests as therapy? Activism in the form of Facebook clicks? I think it was Mao who said “Revolution is not a garden party.”

    “Social change” is not accomplished by “advocacy” (i.e. preaching) but through mass struggle.

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      • Fighting the system that oppresses you is good for your health and spiritual well-being. But the goal of a social movement is collective change, not a personal feel-good state of mind. For many “progressives” sit-ins and marches are the current replacement for going to church on Sunday, and by themselves accomplish nothing.

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