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    “My war – and I have yet to win a decisive battle – is with the modes of thought and conditioned feelings that prevail in psychology and therefore also in the way we think and feel about our being. Of these conditions none are more tyrannical than the convictions that clamp the mind and heart into positivistic science (geneticism and computerism), economics (bottom-line capitalism), and single-minded faith (fundamentalism).”
    ― James Hillman


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  2. I completely agree with blaming those who do not advocate for change, but to blame all psychiatrists exclusively excludes the “patients”, family, insurance, pharmaceuticals, and educational infrastructure that still insist on a so called “expert” for a multitude of reasons, realistic or not, it’s a broad system to break apart. How do we talk people out of pathology becomes a difficult question… Psychiatry has most often failed to provide informed consent which would be intentional harm, but that they all intentionally do harm is an overgeneralization when society supports and encourages the development of an “expert.” Sadly society offers few alternatives, like peer respite, when one is unconnected and causing disturbance or yes, unsafe, situations like running naked in the street. There is a time I want someone to help me but I hope to be found by someone who will take the time I need to help me find choices or meet me where I am rather than with their 20 minute agenda. Maybe taking over the industry is the only way, and while it seems impossible maybe the industry and educational and societal systems that surround us could all step up to being responsible to the facts and assist with finding a different way rather than the useless over diversification of funds that happens today due to the legislation driven by pharmaceutical and other giants.

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    • ” ‘Everyone’s worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there’s really an easy way: Stop participating in it.”
      Noam Chomsky

      Terrorism, suicidal death non compliance are the only way to change something. Suicide is more important than comfortable life built on false assumptions.
      Comfortable life means nothing today. Nothing but complete ignorance. Happiness in this world is something infantile. What counts is how much you have done for the future.

      Psychiatry is not the answer. Psychiatry is a political economical theological war against psyche.

      Your depression, your psychosis, your suicide is more important than economy. Psyche is more important. And economy belongs to psychological reality not to materialists. Price. You have to pay a price for what you are, what you represent in psychological meaning. When you represent nothing you need to work, because work is easy for apollonians, they are natural born materialists. Apollonians pay nothing to psyche, so they should also pay for ability to live in that easy infantile way with easy opium in place of psychological reality.

      We do not need psychiatry. We must now the price. The real price of living.

      Pay for what you represent. And the price is high only for psychological man. The rest are having party.

      I am against a state of materialists who reject their own psychology and are using infantile god and medical religion against it.

      You know, the things you pay to Ceasar is not enough. The real currency is psychological work. Apollonians and spiritualists are having party. Psychological man is the only one who pays.


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      • Unless you’re using the term differently than I understand it, how are spiritualists having a party? People who believe in things like shamanism and all that goes with it are basically automatically just schizophrenic according to psychiatry, aren’t they? There’s been a strange push recently to validate Christian versions (ya know, psychics and mediums) and differentiate them from pagans, but adding religious discrimination in any direction – no matter how veiled from the eye of the majority – just makes it worse.

        Thanks for that bit about apollonians though – never seen the word, neatly explains how people like my mother that I would consider real life Dexter Morgans see themselves.

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  3. A good piece and well stated Megan. Much of what you have written had me saying ‘Yes, exactly’. So many points you made resonate with what I experienced during a brief encounter with a young psychiatrist.

    I agree… “Psychiatry has turned out to be the practice of using someone’s suffering against them for profit.” I would add psychiatry will also use someone’s suffering against them for “punishment” too. The psychiatrist I saw not only used the insomnia I was experiencing against me, she also used the debilitating effects chemo had on my physical health against me.

    The system is failing and harming people but psychiatry sits at the top of pyramid with their unbridled power. The harm and destruction starts with psychiatry and flows downhill.

    It is good sense and good therapy to put the blame where it belongs. My best therapy came when I found the MIA site and the realization I was not alone in my experience and in speaking out about the harm and trauma I experienced from seeing a psychiatrist. Thanks!

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  4. The religion of magical pills is in power. This era started with the first antibiotic (penicillin) and the birth control pill.

    “Formerly, when religion was strong and science weak, men mistook magic for medicine; now, when science is strong and religion weak, men mistake medicine for magic. “Thomas Szasz

    Anger at the system will not help me/you sleep at night.
    “The establishment will irritate you… to make you fight. Because once they’ve got you violent, then they know how to handle you.” John Lennon.

    It must be a cold anger, not hot.

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    • I have forgiven the men who lied to me and damaged my life. But I will not claim they did me a favor. Nor stop fighting the institution of abuse which treats law abiding citizens the same as sadistic serial killers and punishes people for grief, Lyme Disease, or entering the Foster system.

      Quit punishing those who suffer Psychiatry! Quit mutilating grieving widows, battered wives and the elderly by frying their brains. Quit forcibly drugging abuse victims, people with head trauma or digestive problems, and children who squirm in class.

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    • Hot anger i get but explain cold anger if you will.
      Yes i too found a salve in putting blame where the harm was being perpetrated and agree that society colludes in maintaining this paradigm. But somehow we don’t move past the blame. Anger consumes us and deflects our energy and change alludes us.
      So replacing anger and blame by redirecting our energy away from that which harms towards that which heals is a task we all in this MIA community must accept.
      Psychiatry persists because we, survivors, families, friends are distracted by the cannons on the battlefield, (what terrible thing are they doing now?). Our attention should be focussed on the destination, peer respite and self determination. Let’s all do everything we can to point others in that direction. Stuff the enemy! Let them shoot themselves out of a job.

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  5. Its not so much “blaming the system”, I see it as “striking back at the system”, and its not for the purpose of therapy. No one needs any such “therapy”. Its simply a matter of wanting to live and to take back what of life has been usurped.

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  6. I don’t see why both things can’t be true-changing social paradigms will improve overall mental health, and medication improves mental health too. This country is not gonna change completely overnight, or over a decade even. It’s kind of dismissive of those of us who do benefit from medication, even if in many cases it’s just a stopgap measure and not a whole cure, to say medication is bad. Like… Your brain and body aren’t separate. Nobody would suggest that medication for any other physical disorder can and should be cured by social change. Yes, pharmaceutical companies create huge problems, but it’s more from hiking up prices of life-sustaining medications than inventing illnesses to treat. You cannot tell me that I do not have a physical illness and you cannot tell me that medication is not helping me manage it. That’s the point, medication management. Certainly some folks do not need medication but are put on it anyway. In no way does that delegitimize the experiences of those of us who do benefit from it. It’s actually… Kinda dangerous, I think, to suggest otherwise. Don’t be so quick to dismiss medication as a valuable tool, it helps many people and unfortunately is also held hostage by greed and capitalism. Saying psychiatry is a pseudoscience contrived to suck in more and more money instead of being exploited much in the way, say, insulin or HIV drugs (which you would never suggest are a ruse) are being kept expensive by artifice and a broken system is so dismissive of so many of us who deal with mental illnesses.

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    • Those of us who’ve suffered are dismissed all the time. MIA is one of the few places we can share our experiences.

      Have you ever read Robert Whittaker? Anatomy of an Epidemic is an eye opener. Also the works of William Glasser, Terry Lynch, Joanna Moncrieff, and Peter Breggin. All the latter are certified psychiatrists.

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    • I don’t think anyone should invalidate your own perception of what works for you. Certainly, lots of people report finding psych drugs helpful. But that does not make psych diagnoses legitimate. They are not discovered, but literally voted on by committee. Read “So They Say You’re Crazy” by Paula Caplan, who served on the DSM IV task force.

      And yes, they do invent “disorders”. Look at the cases if Juvenile Bipolar or Social Anxiety Disorder or Binge Eating Disorder. Not that such things are not issues for some people, but there is solid documentation that pharmaceutical companies conspired with leading psychiatrists to create these “disorders” in the DSM to sell pharmaceuticals and psychiatric “services.” I know it’s hard to believe, but it is true.

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    • “You cannot tell me that I do not have a physical illness” double negatives? Converts to “you can tell me i do have a physical illness”
      This is a bizarre statement when the illness is called mental illness, and a whole different set of rules are applied to mental illness.
      In physical illness the patient can leave against medical advice AMA.
      People do have the potential to make wrong or bad decisions ( or the right one) , if they do not have the choice they do not have their freedom.
      Yes indeed the medication or drugs can inhibit cognition, keeping the patient in a trap of lack of insight into their problem(s). Indeed the doctor/psychiatrist can enjoy their position of power too much.
      Bad Medicine, A Psychiatrist’s Control Over Patient’s Mind https://youtu.be/ha9vnLMrXeQ

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    • I’m sorry, but you can’t say truthfully to people: “don’t tell me I don’t have a physical disease,” when one would have to completely change the way of defining what physical disease is. Added to that psychiatric medications when tested conclusively prove to be causing chemical imbalance and addiction, to be causing physical disease, and that they are treating one has not been conclusively proven. Because disabling natural brain functions with psychiatric medications can push symptoms to the side for a period of time does not mean you have treated a physical disease, it means you have disabled the brain. And the worsening of relapsing that occurs after the initial period when symptoms were suppressed which isn’t occurring when people weren’t medicated shows that those that weren’t medicated have a healthier brain. This also points out statistically that psychiatric medications cause physical disease.

      And does someone who is made sick by psychiatric medications forced on them, do they have the right to say that because of the psychiatric medications that they have a disease!? Despite conclusive evidence that such medications CAUSE disease, they statistically aren’t allowed to acknowledge the simple truth there.

      That’s your business if you are convinced that psychiatric drugs help you, but that’s not scientific proof that they treat a physical disease you have. And the implementation of psychiatric drugs historically correlate with an immense spike in the occurrence of those diseases, along with a spike in disability. Psychiatric drugs also, after an initial period of lessoning symptoms by disabling natural brain functions, correlate with more relapsing, loss of life expectancy and brain damage.

      Other people are convinced that they need chocolate, dessert, or the latest fashion everyone else has, or to be a member of a church, or potato chips with their hot dog, or whatever it is that they don’t feel happy or as part of society or functional without, but that doesn’t equivocate their conviction with the fact that when they have such needs fulfilled a physical disease is being treated.

      And with your definition of physical disease, anyone addicted to a substance proven to cause chemical imbalance, and thus end up having withdrawal symptoms would they try to get off of the substance, the withdrawal symptoms aren’t acknowledged as such. Anyone coming down from a sugar buzz can say that they have a chemical imbalance that needs to be treated with sugar. Anyone losing their inebriation from alcohol can make the same claim. Street drugs the same. Shopping sprees also could be included. And if you take it to the extreme the adrenaline rush of fighting wars or assaulting someone.

      It also allows anyone that can promote a substance that would disable the mind enough to turn off its ability to have concern in areas that were causing distress, treating a chemical imbalance, regardless of whether attention needed to be given to what was causing that distress. It’s called treating a chemical imbalance instead of what it scientifically has been proven to be, and that’s a controlled substance that disables the mind from natural functions, is addictive, can cause extreme withdrawal symptoms, can cause loss of life and disability.

      Further more, Neither Insulin medications nor HIV medications (which you mention) correlate statistically with causing a spike in the occurrence of what they are purported to treat, which then is used to demand more treatment with them.

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  7. Excellent article. More and more of my clients are looking to get off pills, because I think they understand that it’s not helping them achieve their goals and in some cases doing much harm to them physically and mentally. Hopefully, society can find a way through all this toxicity, but to be honest I don’t see that happening until capitalism as we know it ceases to exist. Capitalists seek to exploit “opportunities” to make a profit, damned the consequences. Exponential growth is harmful and unsustainable in most cases, like in your cancer example. The system is broken but I’m unsure humans have found a system which doesn’t exploit the land, animals, or people to sustain itself.

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  8. Damn Meghan — did I miss something before or have you suddenly gone full-tilt anti-psychiatry? In either case I love the direction you’re taking.

    Something about the word “blame” I don’t like, I think mainly the nuance that “blame” is a way of avoiding one’s responsibility for something. I like “accuse,” “charge” or “indict” better. Or just “fuck the system.”

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  9. From the comments there are a lot of pissed off people here……maybe it is time to do something……start a Hearing Voices Network….another Soteria type house……a crisis house where people might go when they feel like they need love and not drugs……….get to work people….it is up to us.

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    • And/or protest human rights abuses and freedoms denied, boycott mental health services, shut down big state facilities, build the underground railroad, etc. Plus, celebrate diversity. You don’t have to start another “alternative” when you’ve eliminated the need for them.

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      • Yes!

        Mostly I would say, outlaw Psyc Drugs, Lobotmy, Electro and Insulin Shock and Forced Treatment.

        Prohibit out gov’t from issuing licenses for Psychotherapy or Psychiatry, or from acting as FixMyKid Doctors by doing procedures on children without reporting it and having court supervision.

        Prohibit our government from providing money or sending people to Recovery or Salvation Programs.

        After that there are things need to protect children, as other industrialized countries already have.

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  10. Once one is a survivor, then of course life will be hard, because you no longer go along with the denial system, you no longer worship the idols. You are at risk of getting further harmed by Therapy and Recovery.

    But all of this changes once you have comrades!

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  11. Watching a video of a city council meeting, woman identifying as LGBTQ is saying, “We are the only group which our own families reject.”

    I say that that is not really true. When you get into the area of ~~Mental Illness~~ or ~~ADHD, Aspergers, Autism~~, I say that generally that too is also rooted in rejection by the family. Its just that most survivors are still not ready to see or understand how this is working.

    We survivors need to organize and win some public victories, instead of talking about Therapy, Healing, and Recovery.

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  12. In a now famous Arizona case, the state did remove 5 children from a Munchausen’s Family, plus an additional child the woman had from a prior marriage.

    This meant pediatricians from the Phoenix Children’s Hospital testifying against their own colleagues who gave the 5 their Autism Diagnosis.

    We survivors need to organize and act. The Mental Health System, Learning Disabilities, and the Middle-Class Family and belief in the Self-Reliance Ethic have never been separated. We need to come up with targets and act.

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    • It won’t do anything. The mental health system is basically part of a proverbial hydra and just as it has supplanted other things in the past, so will it be replaced in the future. This all should’ve ended with WW2 if not the aftermath of the Salem witch trials – that it hasn’t, that there hasn’t been a lasting majority upheaval against it – says that things are working as intended. People almost invariably avoid admitting that they want systemic ways of keeping others down – because the crime apparently is in getting caught.

      It should be fairly telling that racism itself has never become a mental illness..

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  13. I’m releived to read such a well-written well-expressed article. Psychiatry violates the most basic fondamental human rights world-wide – under a cloak of secrecy and superiority. I enjoy a glass of water occasionally and I feel better for it, but I shudder at the thought of anyone forcing a glass of water down my throat or worse, injecting it forcefully in my veins. In that field -informed consent and divulgation of risks are myths. Patients are obliged into treatments. Families are blindsided. The media talk about suicide, homicide and abuse and the relation with psychiatry is not explained. I would like for the industry to tell us how many were on psychiatric drugs. The blood test is problably not expensive and conclusive. I’m happy to read that people are discussing these issues. It validates our objections.

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  14. Awesome article Megan.
    Realizing the system sure helps.
    If they had not gone completely whack by accepting whack people who become
    the leaders in whack therapies, and claiming that some are whack and some are not,
    we would not be quite as whack as we are.

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