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The Story of a Professional Delusion: Do Psychiatrists Believe Their Own...

I believe this is what happened: The people responsible for this travesty looked at the truth (that psychiatrists hardly ever tell the truth about their drugs) and realised they didn't like what would flow from that fact getting loose. So they removed it and substituted a falsehood (only ever) whose consequences they could live with.

Psychiatrist Dr. Niall McLaren writes to the Royal Australian and New...

What appears to be an attempt to "close down" the public debate is arguably a serious breach the duty of medical professionals to hold themselves to public account for their actions, particularly when the public pays our salaries.

Mainstream Western Psychiatry: Science or Non-science?

Because it is such an important question, because people's lives depend on this and psychiatry has a record of getting it seriously wrong, we need to be sure we can trust their claim. In practice, is it true that biological psychiatry has the science?

Feral Psychiatry: The Case of Garth Daniels

Garth Daniels, a 39-year-old Melbourne man, has been shackled for 110 days and forced to undergo ECT 94 times at three times a week against his will. Last year, his family asked me to provide a second opinion on Garth’s case. As predicted, my recommendations against continued ECT were quickly dismissed by the hospital. There are critically important issues at stake in this case.