Friday, February 3, 2023

Tag: seniors and drugs

“Seniors” Rant by Don Weitz

A rant dedicated to all “seniors” in geriatric wards and nursing homes we’re sick     we’re stuck     we’re fucked we’re labelled     we’re libelled “demented”      “incompetent”

Older Patients Being Prescribed Risky Anticholinergic Drugs

From MinnPost: A new University of Minnesota study has found that anticholinergic drugs, including antidepressants, continue to be prescribed to millions of older Americans despite...

“The Dangers of ‘Polypharmacy,’ the Ever-Mounting Pile of Pills”

In the New York Times, Paula Span discusses the risks of polypharmacy, the use of five or more drugs at the same time, which...

“It Might Not Be Dementia—How Pharma for Seniors Can Go Seriously...

For Alternet, Martha Rosenberg discusses the dangers of overmedicating seniors and older adults. She interviews Dr. Harry Haroutunian about his new book, “Not As...