Monday, February 6, 2023

Tag: Social Control

Fighting the Suppression of Dissent: A Guidebook for Those Who Refuse...

Political, educational, and mental health fields are joining forces in ever more powerful authoritarian rule. The DSM, proclaimed to be a scientific guidebook, is little more than a political instrument used to control undesirable behaviors and experiences. Who will fight for our rights when everybody is tranquilized into conformity?

Psychiatry’s War on Free Will

Psychiatry’s main role was always to forcibly negate the free will of society’s outliers. Its methods included forced removal, confinement, and electrical, surgical, and chemical lobotomy. But then it sought to lure non-outliers into willingly allowing psychiatry to negate their free will, too. So it devised ways to trick people into "lobotomizing" themselves.

Big Brother Is Watching: Children and Older Adults, Part I

If involuntary outpatient commitment, popularly known as Kendra’s Law, is to be ended in New York when it sunsets or expires in 2015, the reductive stereotypes used to characterize the individuals most likely to be affected, viz., those persons labeled with serious mental illnesses and caught up in the public mental health system, must be discredited and discarded.