Monday, February 6, 2023

Tag: torture and apa

APA Statement on Gina Haspel Nomination

The American Psychological Association has issued a letter expressing serious concerns about the nomination of Gina Haspel for the director of the CIA due...

APA: Do Not Take a “See No Evil” Approach to Torture

FromĀ Psychology Today:Ā The American Psychological Association has previously taken a number of steps to take responsibility for its involvement in torture and make amends to...

Psych Journal Issuing Caution About Torture Paper

FromĀ Retraction Watch: The psychology journalĀ Teaching of Psychology plans to issue an editor's note about a controversial paper exploring the APA's involvement in the torture...

ā€œPentagon Wants Psychologists to End Ban on Interrogation Roleā€

Only months after the American Psychological Association voted to ban psychologists from ā€œadvanced interrogationā€ facilities like GuantĆ”namoĀ Bay prison the Pentagon is asking them to...