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The New DSM Is Coming and That Isn’t Good News

Binge Eating Disorder is one of many invalid diagnoses we’ll continue to receive as a result of the APA’s failure to correct the mistakes of past versions of the DSM.

Kenneth Kendler: “Implausible” That Psychiatric Diagnoses Even “Approximately True”

In JAMA Psychiatry, prominent psychiatrist Kenneth Kendler writes that psychiatric diagnoses are “working hypotheses, subject to change.”

The Secret to Psychiatry’s “Success,” as Revealed by a Psychiatrist

Pills can’t be the main source of psychiatry’s sustained success, since they’re mostly placebos and people who take them usually worsen over time. Could psychiatry’s newly invented diseases themselves be the hot items that people are being manipulated into buying? Yes — I saw from within my field how it happened.

“Mind, Myth and Madness”

Are psychiatric diagnoses real, or are they the cause of an apparent global mental health crisis? Researchers Richard Bentall and Simon Baron-Cohen, and psychiatrist Dinesh Bhugra...