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An American History of Addiction, Part 4: “Drugs Are Bad”

The disease theory of addiction had been ingrained in our culture for 200 years when Nixon signed this law.Ā But had we ever actually checked to see if it was all true?

What We Must Learn From the US Opioid Epidemic

FromĀ The BMJ: There is no doubt that America's opioid epidemic is a national crisis that needs to be addressed. However, we must be careful...

Drug Policy Alliance Member Targeted by Philippine President

From theĀ Drug Policy Alliance: Last week, Drug Policy Alliance Board Member Dr. Carl Hart visited the Philippines to speak at a drug policy forum....

A Post-Racial Public Mental Health System: If Not Now, When?

In answer to the question posed in the title to this article, probably not for a long, long time. Or perhaps more accurately, when...