What We Must Learn From the US Opioid Epidemic


From The BMJ: There is no doubt that America’s opioid epidemic is a national crisis that needs to be addressed. However, we must be careful not to demonize prescription opioids or continue to moralize and criminalize drug use.

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  1. What the British AREN’T going to learn are proper methods of dealing with this, as the Trump Administration will unleash an enormous campaign against cannabis consumption on the (incorrect) assumption that this is the reason for all these addictions. When the campaign simply goes into the toilet the Administration will create an enormous spy bureaucracy in order to increase the intensity of the failed campaign. The one advantage of this mentality is that wealthy campaign contributors remain untouched by the Terror, enabling them to contribute to the campaigns of the elected officials promoting this folly.

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  2. Forget about it. What gave us the opioid crisis in the first place was the great forgetting. Remember when speed and opioids were street drugs. No more.

    It wasn’t that long ago either.

    I’m not saying the “war on drugs” was a good thing. I’m just saying that if you’re going to transform medical doctors into street corner drug pushers, you’ve got to expect this sort of thing.

    Take care of the “emergency”, and what do you know? Here comes a drug company pitch for the next once illicit but rehabilitated toxic substance.

    Now that opium dens have been ‘domesticated’, you have to expect this type of thing.

    The problem isn’t illicit drugs, the problem is unscrupulous drug companies, dirty, perhaps stupid, doctors, and the blurred lines between murder and pain relief.

    Throw in ‘drug cocktails’, ‘direct to consumer advertising’, capitalism, and corporate owned political parties, and you start to get a more complete picture of the matter.

    Who killed John Q Drug Addict, excuse me, John Q Pain Clinic Service User? It certainly wasn’t, given so much assistance, personal irresponsibility alone.

    All in the name of profiteering, learning enhancement, and pain relief, etc., forget about it. Here we go again.

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