Watch the Stories of Harm the APA Refused to Hear: Introduction by Paula J. Caplan

Psychologist and activist Paula J. Caplan talks about the harm done to many people because they received a psychiatric diagnosis…and how the American Psychiatric Association summarily dismissed nine complaints about such harm. See more at

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    April is national Autism Awareness Month and the SPD Foundation and STAR Center want the world to know some facts about Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).

    Did you know?
    More than 75% of children with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) have significant symptoms of SPD. However, the reverse is not true. Most children with SPD do not have an autistic spectrum disorder. See research on Autism in our website library.
    SPD Foundation research suggests that SPD and ASD are distinct disorders just as SPD and ADHD are different disorders.
    Sensory features are now included as core diagnostic criteria of autism spectrum disorders in the new DSM coming out May 2013.
    Addressing sensory features is foundational to improving the social and communication problems of children with Autism.


    The DSM-5 really got sensory processing disorder wrong despite the the SPD Foundations’s efforts to set them straight.

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