Is the Medical Device Industry Downplaying Its Financial Influence on Healthcare?

Recent findings suggest that the €425 million reported by medical device companies might just be the tip of the iceberg, as an industry-controlled database likely minimizes the scope of financial ties.


A new article published in Health Policy and Technology finds that the medical device industry paid €425 million (about $453 million) to various healthcare organizations between 2017 and 2019 for the purposes of “education.” The research team, led by James Larkin of RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences, reports that these payments can create conflicts of interest that undermine patient care.

The researchers explain that the medical device payment database maintained by the industry is not user-friendly and omits many types of payments made from the medical device industry to healthcare organizations.

The authors write:

“The medical device industry pays healthcare organizations (e.g., hospitals) large amounts of money. Industry states that this money is to help pay for healthcare professionals’ education. However, these payments can have a negative impact on healthcare professionals’ decision-making.”

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  1. Doctors and medicine are at least the fourth leading cause of death , after cancer and heart disease. Peter Gotzsche now makes the claim they are the first.

    There a book called Butchered by Healthcare by Robert Yoho M.D. , that is an expose on medical corruption. It also has a pretty good chapter devoted to psychiatry as well.

    Basically , the rest of the world has seen the American free market capitalist health care system and rejects our insanity.

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