“Shortcomings of a Psychiatric Bible”


The Editorial Board of the New York Times writes “Patients and parents concerned about mental illness have every right to be confused. The head of the federal agency that finances mental health research has just declared that the most important diagnostic manual for psychiatric diseases lacks scientific validity and needs to be bolstered by a new classification system based on biology, not just psychiatric opinion. The hitch is that such a biology-based system will not be available for a decade or more… Meanwhile, the diagnostic manual remains the best tool to guide clinicians on how to diagnose disorders and treat patients. Consensus among mental health professionals will have to suffice until we can augment it with something better.”

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  1. This was a “depressing” op-ed. Most of it looked promising, but then it ends saying,

    “Consensus among mental health professionals will have to suffice until we can augment it with something better”

    Are they serious? For a newspaper that has made advancing gay rights one of its core values it is very disturbing that they are appealing to the type of consensus that in the past pathologized homosexuality. It is always easier to demonize past injustices than current ones. There is not the slightest shred of evidence that any of the DSM invented diseases are real, biologically speaking. Yet they are endorsing the practice of labeling “mad” those who deviate from behaviors defined as “normal” by a group of self appointed mind guardians. Hasn’t the West been there before with the Inquisition or the DSM with homosexuality?

    This is deeply shocking. The right thing to do would have been to call for a boycott of psychiatry as the “British Psychological Society” is announcing.

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    • cannotsay2013,

      I totally agree with you. I was disgusted by this article. It was a slap in the face for all those harmed by the bogus DSM while the mental death profession in bed with BIG PHARMA lied and lied that chemical imbalances, bad genes and now faulty brain wiring were PROVEN for their bogus disorders, especially schizophrenia and the latest fraud fad bipolar, their “sacred symbols” these frauds need to exist per Dr. Thomas Szasz.

      This article was arrogant and narcissistic in that it totally ignores the rights of the millions of people’s lives destroyed by this out and out fraud.

      The corruption of the power elite is mind boggling! And very few people seem to care. That’s how the Hitler’s and the Stalin’s of the world gain power and hijack nations and the globe per the enlightening web site and book, POLITICAL PONEROLOGY, on how psychopaths end up in power.

      I would like to know how much BIG PHARMA ad/blood money the NEW YORK TIMES gets and other unseen influences by this multibillion dollar global menace.

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