‘Why the Fuss Over the D.S.M.-5?”


Sally Satel, a prominent psychiatrist and co-author of the forthcoming book “Brainwashed: The Seductive Appeal of Mindless Neuroscience” writes in the New York Times “The media will trumpet the release of the new D.S.M., but practicing psychiatrists will largely regard it as a nonevent. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for other institutions — insurance companies, state and government agencies, and even the courts — which will continue to imbue the D.S.M. with a precision and an authority it does not have.”

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  1. Sally Satel is the female Fuller Torrey of the mental death profession. I think this article is despicable because she refuses to acknowledge all the horrific harm done to people by psychiatry while blaming the victims of such abuse and then falsely accusing THEM of gaming the system to get undeserved benefits. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Any long term psychiatric survivor like David Oakes and others would agree that Sally Satel has been the nemesis against any progress in the long term movement to expose the fraud and horrific harm of biopsychiatry while selling out to BIG PHARMA per the article below in the guise of great medical care and treatment.


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  2. Here is the “illustrious” neo-conservative think tank to which Sally Satel, Fuller Torrey twin, belongs.


    Note, it brags of having Newt Gringrich, the author of THE BELL CURVE that argues different races have varying levels of intelligence and many corporate members avoiding taxes like General Electric.

    George W. Bush with his huge family ties to BIG PHARMA Ely Lilly, which motivated him to create the Orwellian doublespeak named “Freedom Commission” chose the likes of Sally Satel to ensure massive school/public “mental illness” screening, stigmatizing, and forced drugging, commitment and robbery of all civil, human and democratic rights for anyone given a bogus DSM stigma. All such screenings like TEEN SCREEN have been a disaster for children and families with TEEN SCREEN finally abolished due to having too many false positives that destroyed countless people.

    Thanks to Torrey and Satel’s fear mongering and lies about the so called mentally ill being violent as explained in the article I cited in the above post and the latest school/public shootings by those already in bogus psychiatric treatment, Torrey has gotten himself appointed to Obama’s committee to “improve mental illness treatment access” a euphemism to scapegoat the most powerless members of society and force more bogus, deadly poisons and imprisonment in psychiatric jails on them rather than standing up to the more powerful NRA. Also, BIG PHARMA has used this tragedy as an excuse to push and fund “mental illness” screenings in schools that Obama has applauded without even hiding the fact that BIG PHARMA is sponsoring these bogus, drug pushing screenings! This is pretty scary when you think of it.

    Like Torrey, Satel did all in her misgotten power to thwart every effort and progress made by psychiatric survivors and to get laws passed forcing life destroying stigmas, poisoned drugs and involuntary commitment on those suffering severe emotional distress created by the type of very toxic environments and social conditions inflicted by the 1% power elite that the likes of Sally Satel really serve since they certainly don’t serve the interests of their so called consumers that Satel insists on calling “patients” for an added slap in the face. She uses the bogus stigmas of the DSM like the rest of society to discredit, silence, disempower and destroy anyone who has been given one (made the fatal error of seeing a mental death expert per Dr. Peter Breggin) though she herself admits they are bogus and invalid too. Real ethical!

    This article is just more bogus pseudoscience doublespeak by Satel with the pretense they now have all this so called genetic, biological evidence underlying their bogus disorders. What a farce. The boys and girls who keep crying wolf like Satel and Torrey like Insel have to constantly create new neuro lies each time the old lies have been exposed as is true of their VOTED IN DSM stigmas and the junk science of the DSM and biopsychiatry in general. With Satel’s neo-conservative background and being a member of a conservative corporate think tank, there is little doubt that she has BIG PHARMA ties.

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  3. A great MIA article about the Fuller Torrey/Sally Satel fascist agenda of what Satel disingenuously calls her “benign paternalism,” a euphemism to push a fascist agenda of stigmatizing people with bogus, VOTED IN, DSM labels now really exposed as total fraud to push the latest poison drugs on patent and subject the victims of such vile rights violations to various permanent forced drugging/commitment agendas to expand the biopsychiatry/BIG PHARMA multi billion dollar global cartel by exploiting the most vulnerable, powerless, oppressed members of society in the guise of “mental health” for the very unhealthy purpose of social control and totally silencing, disempowering, discrediting, humiliating and destroying inconvenient, dissident and other members of society a la Soviet Russia and other totalitarian dictatorships.

    This article and the many comments expose this evil for what it is.


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  4. Once again, here is Sally Satel, one of the greatest advocates of forced psychiatric coercion, drugging and commitment based on what she admits here is a fraudulent, invalid DSM system also accuses soldiers diagnosed with PTSD of gaming the system and colludes with her fellow human rights abusers to discredit the soldiers’ PTSD to rob them of disability benefit entitlements.


    Those with narcissistic personality disorder are known to be arrogant, grandiose, lacking in empathy, inclined to project their own faults and dark sides on others, subject others to narcissistic abuse and rages, feel they are more entitled than other lesser beings and believe laws and normal expectations of people do not apply to them.

    Given the behavior of the Sally Satel/Fuller Torrey twins of the fascist, fraudulent forcing of lethal drugs, ECT, involuntary commitment and other vile human rights abuses they would never endure themselves, I believe they will find themselves in the DSM under the character disorder section. Oh, I forgot, they changed that to personality disorder since the former hit too close to home.

    Once again, when a so called patient might get medical or government payments for their DSM labels including DSM, Satel becomes the pot calling the kettle black for supposedly gaming the system while she and her cohorts have been the absolute chiefs and experts of gaming a system with far greater payoffs the rule makers while completely destroying their “opponents” in the process.

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