Celia Brown: Surviving Psychiatry

Peer support pioneer and MindFreedom board president Celia Brown discusses what it means to be a ‘survivor of psychiatry’ and the importance of human connection, and human rights in mental healthcare.

Widely respected throughout the psychiatric survivor activist movement for her courage and warmth, Celia is also chair of MindFreedom’s Global Campaign Committee, and leads MindFreedom’s delegation inside the United Nations. MindFreedom is an “international coalition of over one hundred grassroots groups and thousands of individual members from 14 nations. Based in the USA, it was founded in 1990 to advocate against forced medication, medical restraints, and involuntary ECT. Its stated mission is to protect the rights of people who have been labeled with psychiatric disorders.” This is latest in a series of testimonials featured on MadInAmerica.com as part of the “Open Paradigm Project”


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