Germany Rejects New ADHD Drug


Finding that Shire’s study of its successor to Adderall XR, Vyvanse, (lisdexamfetamine; known in Germany as Elvanse) was too short and did not look at the drug as part of a comprehensive treatment program, Germany’s Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care said that the study “was neither sensible nor did it comply with the approval…  An added benefit of lisdexamfetamine is therefore not proven.”

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Kermit Cole
Kermit Cole, MFT, founding editor of Mad in America, works in Santa Fe, New Mexico as a couples and family therapist. Inspired by Open Dialogue, he works as part of a team and consults with couples and families that have members identified as patients. His work in residential treatment — largely with severely traumatized and/or "psychotic" clients — led to an appreciation of the power and beauty of systemic philosophy and practice, as the alternative to the prevailing focus on individual pathology. A former film-maker, he has undergraduate and master's degrees in psychology from Harvard University, as well as an MFT degree from the Council for Relationships in Philadelphia. He is a doctoral candidate with the Taos Institute and the Free University of Brussels. You can reach him at [email protected].


    • Yes, the regulatory agency in Germany kept Prozac out of that country for quite a while, calling it something akin to “garbage.” I think that they were quite accurate in their description of this pseudo-medication alias toxic drug. But eventually Big Pharma had its way, as it always seems to do, and kGermany got their Prozac too!

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      • Since many years, in the German speaking countries fluoxetine is administered with the market names Felicium, Floccin, Fluctine, Fluoxetin, Fluoxibene, Flux, Fluxet, FluxoMed, Mutan and Positivum. There is no reason that Big Pharma treats German patients and animals – which also receive fluoxetine (f.e., dogs being sad in the flat during the day when their master is out for work) – different from other creatures.
        Peter Lehmann

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  1. Vyvance is just a crappy form of Dexadrine cooked up to get a new patent and a share of the ADHD drug market.

    I took this crap when I was still a psych med wastebasket.

    It’s inferior to the original product, it takes an hour to start working, the peak is way to high then the anxiety depression crash goes on and on and on. In fact the crash is about the only thing that is long acting with Vyvance.

    I guess the Germans are not falling for this big-pharma scam being pushed as “new and improved”.

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