Are We Entering a New Era for Treatment Choice for Schizophrenia?


Domain-B, noting that “There is now incontrovertible evidence that has established that far from psychosis being incomprehensible, there is a clear link between schizophrenia and childhood adversity,” speculates that “we are approaching a new era in treating schizophrenia where true treatment choice is a reality.”



  1. “… treatment may need to go beyond medication to consider and make sense of symptoms within the context of a person’s own life experiences.”

    I still find it amazing an entire industry of “doctors” could be dumb enough to actually believe all human problems are completely and totally caused by “chemical imbalances” in peoples’ brains.

    That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

    Of course, “the context of a person’s own life experiences” is mandatory information in assessing why a person is upset or confused. How ridiculously stupid, lazy, and unethical can psychiatric practitioners be? Psychiatry”s current belief system is a tale of how to render the psychiatric industry “irrelevant to reality.”

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    • ‘stupid’ and ‘lazy’ people don’t get through med school and residency

      they are in denial – with school loans, mortgages, car payments, child expenses, etc…
      their medical bag is limited – labels, drugs, ect, incarceration – things that cause more harm than good…
      they have to reject all they’ve been taught… most do not


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      • imo, they *become* corrupt, as they move into a lifestyle of comfort, at the expense of those they injure.

        this is why many of us consider psychiatry an *evil* system…

        too many docs making a good living causing a lot of injury… too many docs saying and doing *nothing* to stop it

        i think so


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