Justina Pelletier’s Father Lou to Appear on Fox’s “The Kelly File” Tonight at 9 EST, in Defiance of Gag Order

Justina Pelletier’s parents reacted with tears and shouts of anger, according to the Boston Globe, after learning that the Department of Children and Families wants to send their child to foster care. Linda Pelletier collapsed outside Boston Juvenile Court and was taken to a hospital on a stretcher. Lou Pelletier faces contempt of court charges for violating a gag order, which remains in place.

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  1. I was just reading the comments at the boston globes article and realized that the majority of those commenting and approving/disapproving comments were in favor of DCF and BCH… wow… How… is… that… even possible. Not that I had any faith in humanity before, but for crying, at THE VERY LEAST, the girl has been traumatized and is now in a WHEEL CHAIR for a supposedly psychological illness (somatoform)… wow… And she’s almost an adult, too. Wow… wtf is wrong with people from boston…

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  2. Yeah, people suck sometimes. But people who post comments online aren’t necessarily representative of the general population, plus being anonymous on a computer brings out
    many people’s most ignorant and contemptible sides.

    I think that the before and after photos speak for themselves, and unless there’s some secret
    info that can’t be revealed to the general public it certainly appears that a great crime is being committed.

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  3. As the mother of a beautiful, artistic young adult who has been repeatedly and involuntarily hospitalized because of her non compliance with deadly and harmful court mandated ‘treatment’ I have this to say: If all the parents in the US whose children were/are involuntarily hospitalized, forcibly medicated, restrained, isolated, taken out of their communities, and otherwise tortured/abused, started to ORGANIZE to expose the corruption, fraud and illegitimacy of psychiatry, what a different mental health care system we would have! Instead of directing our resources to organizations like NAMI, which do absolutely NOTHING to educate others about the harm of forcing deadly treatment on people who experiencing distress, we loved ones and allies of consumers/survivors should be channeling our resources to consumer/survivor led organizations which have been demanding REAL change for over thirty years. recommend people rip up their membership card to NAMI and join Mindfreeom International or Mother Bears Community Action Network for starters. Then, let’s make sure these protest marches have more people!!

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    • In 2004, NAMI opposed the placement of “black box” warnings on antidepressants determined to cause suicide in under-18 year olds, and in 2006 opposed black box warnings on ADHD drugs causing heart attack, stroke and sudden death in children in 2006. Despite overwhelming evidence of serious adverse cardiac events and sudden deaths caused by ADHD drugs, in 2006 NAMI took the position that the “black box” warning on ADHD drugs was “premature.”

      For example Lilly donates million to NAMI. For its part, NAMI promotes the increased use of psychotropic drugs and even lobbies for laws allowing mental patients to be forced to take neuroleptic drugs. The drugs most often prescribed for involuntary patients — Janssen’s Risperdal (risperidone) and Lilly’s Zyprexa (olanzapine)

      As much as 75 percent of NAMI’s donations come from drug companies says the New York Times and it has been investigated by Congress.

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    • NAMI opposed Utah HB202

      Threatens open communication between schools and families by prohibiting school personnel from making recommendations for a student, including the use of psychotropic medications, and prohibits removal of a child from parental custody based on a parent’s refusal to consent to the administration of psychotropic medications. The bill singles out psychotropic medications as an issue that may not be discussed with families (2007 Session – Passed). (See the Utah HB202 Letter to the Governor and the HB202 Op-Ed in the State Advocacy Toolkit).

      “NAMI” believes parents who refuse psychiatry should loose there children to the state.

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  4. During the FDA drug-approval process, the maximum dose of a drug is determined by giving that drug by itself without any other psychoactive substances. When two or more psychiatric drugs are given together, each at its maximum dose, toxic levels of exposure can occur. In addition, some of these children are being given higher than the FDA-approved dose of individual drugs.

    One young child interviewed by ABC News described the effect of the antidepressant and antipsychotic drugs he was taking: “They made me feel like I had a thousand bricks on my head.” Another child said, “Some of the medications were for ADHD but I’m not ADHD, I’m just naughty.” A teen in foster care on multiple psychiatric drugs told ABC News she felt like a “guinea pig.”

    Foster children are provided government insurance in the form of Medicaid that includes “mental health” services such as psychiatric evaluations and prescription drug coverage. Individual states administer Medicaid and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is responsible for overseeing the state programs.

    In the states surveyed by the GAO, children in Massachusetts fared worst. Thirty-nine percent of the foster care children aged 0-17 on Medicaid were prescribed at least one psychiatric drug. By comparison, 10 percent of non-foster care children in Massachusetts were prescribed at least one psychotropic medication under Medicaid. It’s serious enough when 10 percent of non-foster care children from our poorer communities are receiving psychiatric drugs; it’s even more tragic when 39 percent of our most poor and abandoned children are being inundated with these drugs.


    That’s what came up when I searched: Massachusetts + foster+ kids+ psychiatric + drugs

    They should rename DCF DCD (dept of child drugging).

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  5. This is what happens when societies are taken over by corporations and institutions. CPS is at least a mildly criminal organization with children regularly disappearing. This is also the result of the loss of common sense. I certainly sympathize with the parents and the child. More draconian justice.

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  6. OMG I just watched that latest interview. I am sickened on numerous counts. I’m not on a
    mitochondrial disease bandwagon, I don’t put a whole lot more credence in M.D.’s than I do in psychiatrists. But if she was doing better taking vitamins, etc. who even cares if it was a placebo
    effect or whatever, it worked. Are they blaming her for the way she looks in the pictures, is she
    faking that drugged out look or is that the result of something they’re giving her?

    I also see that both Justina and her parents are being used and exploited: first in a turf war
    between two or more factions of the Boston area medical establishsment for power and prestige.

    Just as bad is that, in the absence of support from the progressive left in the US, they are being
    seized upon as propaganda tools by the right-wing fundamentalist “American Taliban” types, the poeple who get everyone to call them “pro-life” when it is only unborn American life they really care about. This is something that must be addressed a.s.a.p.

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    • Not nearly as hard as MSNBC. But let’s not get side-tracked here. The general failure of the mainstream press to expose the quackery and abuse of psychiatry is one more betrayal by our societal institutions —on top of the betrayal by the psychiatric “profession,” bought-off and/or clueless legislators, or incompetent bureaucrats and judges…as vividly demonstrated in the Justina Pelletier case. Kudos to Megyn Kelly for taking this on!

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