“A Little ‘o’…”: 1BoringOldMan


1BoringOldMan notes the distance traveled from Robert Spitzer’s Research Diagnostic Criteria (RDC) to Thomas Insel’s Research Domain Criteria (RDoC), concluding “we have a faulty diagnostic system badly in need of a different kind of revision; a simple pharmacopeia of symptomatic remedies; and blinders on with a fixation on the brain over mind and life would be at least as likely as Dr. Insel’s Clinical Neuroscience fantasies in explaining their frustrations. He and his associates have lost touch with clinical medicine already, and are proposing we move even further away, based on little concrete evidence. Putting a little “o” in RDC [RDoC] isn’t going to make this attempt any more effective than the 1980 version.”

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  1. Its now accepted as fact that that the ‘talking treatments’ can provide longterm solutions for ‘Schizophrenia’. And that ‘antipsychotics’ used as medicine create chronic mental illness. The so called Brain Research was just part of a fraud that involved promoting tranquillisers as medicine.

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