“We Need a Better Explanation for the Surge in Autism”


The Washington Post says “The latest numbers from the Center for Disease Control showing a steep rise in the number of children with autism are so off the charts that it’s hard not to come to one of two conclusions: There’s something wrong in the way that we measure the data or there’s something extraordinary going on.”

We need a better explanation for the surge in autism (Washington Post)


  1. It is idiotic to suggest that the human brain, the most complex organ in the biosphere, could evolve in a couple of generations. Idiotic. The time from the start of human history today is a blink of the eye in evolutionary time.

    My guess is that there are multiple contributing factors, mostly a combination of various ways we our poisoning ourselves and our children with an increasing willingness for us as a society to label anything inconvenient or unusual in our kids as a disease or disorder.

    One emerging potential cause merits attention. There is emerging evidence that antidepressant use during pregnancy may increase the odds of autism developing later on. There are, of course, people disputing this, and it is not a settled issue, but consider that the autism epidemic in the US did not start until after antidepressants became popular, and that antidepressants are more popular here than elsewhere in the world. I am not saying it is the only factor, but it is a lot more likely to be a contributing factor than “rapid evolution” as suggested in the article. See link below for more:


    —- Steve

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  2. I was initially enthused about this article since I figured it would validate reasons for Dr. Claudia Gold’s and others’ shock over the ever growing percentage of children getting the autism label.

    Unfortunately, as I read along, though the author admitted there are no tests or evidence for autism, since he could not cite a valid reason for the explosion of autism diagnosing, he quickly proceeded to the usual science fiction of biopsychiatry about the so called genes or other brain disease evidence that is just around the corner as this pseudoscience field has been claiming for decades about all their voted in, invented DSM stigmas created to push the latest lethal drugs on patent.


    I think the huge increases of ADHD and autism stigmas are a result of the fallout from the child bipolar fad fraud that got so much negative attention, so they have to use other more “accepted” stigmas to continue to push their lethal neuroleptic and other toxic, brain damaging drugs on children for any minute misbehavior that will allow them to stigmatize and drug more children to continue the Big Pharma billions of profits at the expense of their millions of victims. Of course, the schools and parents are complicit because the more children stigmatized, the more special education funds are granted to schools, teachers find it easier to deal with drugged zombies and parents can get special services for their children with these bogus stigmas. The only real loser in all of this is the child of course with a life destroying stigma and toxic drugs quite likely to disable them for life.

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  3. To All, Not such a big mystery. Just Google Russell Blaylock M.D. on Autism
    He is an innovator neuro -surgeon retired that knows this subject like no other . To ignore him is foolish .He has proof to back up his statements unlike so much of medicine which is unscientific. Just cause the truths he discovers rocks lots of boats , oh well that is how real science often works.

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