“Mental Illness Plagued Student Who Leaped From Niagara Falls”


Greg Young, who leapt to his death from the top of Niagara Falls, “had been on numerous medications, all of which came with warnings that they could inspire suicidal tendencies in young men about Greg’s age,” according to an article on the website of the High Point Enterprise. “‘That’s one of the most appalling things to me,’ says Greg’s father, Richard Young, a retired Baptist minister. ‘Gregory was fighting this disorder, and every drug they gave him to try to help him warned that it might cause him to commit suicide. That blows my mind.'”

Mental illness plagued student who leaped from Niagara Falls (HPE.com)


    • The risk of SSRI-induced suicide cannot be reported too often or too clearly. To censor reporting of the details of suicide serves nobody. I know way too many mothers who have lost their sons in this way. The truth must be told for everyone’s safety.

      The title of this post is most certainly NOT dangerous, because “the evidence for a causal relationship between media reporting of suicide and actual suicide is incredibly weak and is underpinned not by science but by ideology and the desire to silence the critics of psychiatry, protect the pharmaceutical industry and enhance the status of ‘suicidologists.’”

      We need to be able to talk about suicide clearly and without impediment in order to bust the myths that “suicide arises from mental illness, that psychiatric treatment prevents suicide and that talking about suicide causes contagion.” Down with these MYTHS!

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      • I agree. I met tonight with a couple lawyers who were distraught because their daughter disowned them. The daughter had been abused by someone within a Catholic church as a child, and was angry her parents wouldn’t leave their church due to the betrayal.

        I understood their child’s feeling of betrayal, since my parents refused to leave the ELCA religion, after I was defamed with a “mental illness,” based upon lies and gossip from the people who raped my child, according to all my family’s medical records.

        The Catholic Church did agree to pay for their child’s psychiatric “care.” Which has apparently turned priestly abuse of a child into “depression,” and “treatment” with “antidepressants,” which may possibly now have turned into “bipolar” in their daughter.

        Confronting child abuse, by putting the child molesters in jail – irregardless of their profession – rather than having the psychiatric industry covering up child abuse would be a better solution.

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  1. »A devoted Christian, faithful to his friends, his family and his God.«

    »“I’ve decided I want to be an atheist,” he announced to his parents one day after school, explaining he was so disillusioned by friends who weren’t living out their faith that he wanted to wash his hands of Christianity. He even began looking at secular colleges to attend instead of the Christian schools he’d been leaning toward.
    That dramatic episode of Greg’s life lasted about three months before he reverted to his old self, but it raised the first red flag hinting at his mental illness.«

    Seriously? Trying to become an atheist is a hint for mental illness?

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