Antipsychotics During Pregnancy Linked to Infant Problems


“Live, healthy babies are the most common outcome following the use of antipsychotic medication in pregnancy,” conclude Australian researchers in a study that was funded by pharmaceutical companies AstraZeneca, Janssen-Cilag, Hospira and Eli-Lilly and published in PLOS One. The researchers clarify, though, that these babies were not nearly as healthy as most babies. Studying records of 147 pregnancies from the new Australian National Register of Antipsychotic Medication in Pregnancy, they found that “18% of babies were born preterm, with a higher dose of antipsychotic medication correlating to an increased likelihood of premature delivery.” In addition, 43% of the babies required special nursery or intensive care, 37% suffered respiratory distress, and 6% had birth defects.

“The use of mood stabilisers or higher doses of antipsychotics during pregnancy increased the likelihood of babies experiencing respiratory distress or admission to Special Care Nursery or Neonatal Intensive Care Units,” the researchers state. “There is a great need for safety and efficacy information about the use of antipsychotic medications in pregnancy.” However, the researchers added immediately thereafter in their conclusion once again that, “Live, healthy babies are the most common outcome following the use of antipsychotic medication in pregnancy[.]”

Kulkarni J, Worsley R, Gilbert H, Gavrilidis E, Van Rheenen TE, et al. (2014) A Prospective Cohort Study of Antipsychotic Medications in Pregnancy: The First 147 Pregnancies and 100 One Year Old Babies. PLoS ONE 9(5): e94788. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0094788



  1. “Live, healthy babies are the most common outcome following the use of antipsychotic medication in pregnancy,”

    Wow, that is such dangerously deceptive wording. Of course a whole third of the babies could have been born with severe birth defects and that statement would still be true. And of course most people don’t scrutinize language…

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    • Besides that, there is the arrogance that these people believe they would know if the babies were normal and healthy or not. Keeping in mind that babies born of neuroleptics is an entirely new phenomenon. Certainly these drugs have perturbed their normal development in ways that will probably take scientists another one hundred years to observe and understand, especially considering that these people are still refusing to acknowledge the brain damage evidence, even though it has been around FOR DECADES.

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  2. Jeffrey C,

    Very astute observation! When you consider this is a Big Pharma funded study, no surprise the corrupt “doctors” benefiting at the horrific expense of pregnant women and their babies is pretty hard to stomach. It’s also disgusting to see the headlines with their usual lies and spin to prey on and greatly harm babies in utero no less now that they have conned the public into poisoning children and toddlers with these drugs.

    What’s even more hypocritical and disgusting is that I read about one state that will now arrest and jail any mother who does “drugs” during pregnancy assuming these are most likely illegal drugs while the far more toxic, brain/body damaging psychiatric drugs are forced on such pregnant mothers and their babies. Only psychopaths and malignant narcissists like those who reign over the Big Pharma/Psychiatry cartel with revolving doors with government and the FDA could come up with such manipulative, contemptable tactics for more power, status and wealth for the 1% and its cohorts in crime.

    Here’s another take on the story that isn’t so positive:

    As usual, the despicable “doctor” pretending there is a great dilemma of weighing the real health and long term well being of mother and child against bogus, voted in stigmas to push these lethal multibillion dollar drugs on one and all with the pretense of treating dangerous and life threatening “mental illness” is so vicious and psychopathic it boggles my mind.

    The fact that such a “study” was even done with the well known horrible effects of both neuroleptics and epileptic drugs spun into gold with countless lies by Big Pharma/psychiatry that they are “antipsychotics” and “mood stabilizers” to treat invalid stigmas like bipolar and depression is so disgusting and predatory it boggles my mind. Note, the fiend in this article speaks of treating psychosis, an obvious lie/sham to make the poison drugs appear more critically needed when. The truth is women are targeted for so called depression/trauma CAUSED by such abuse, predation, exploitation, rape and other systemic harm that the mental death profession uses to blame the victims while profiting from their misery and further destruction by the mental/medical fraud professions. Obviously, those in the biopsychiatry/Big Pharma cartel will sink to any low to further enhance their ill gotten corrupt power and billions enforced by the therapeutic state with no regard for the rights and health of its citizens including babies least able to protect themselves from such parasitic vulture/vampires. I feel nothing but contempt for those who would prey on pregnant women and torture them and their babies with these lethal drugs that ONLY do much harm with no benefit whatever. Hope some day these predators get their own well deserved Nuremburg Trials while we tax payers have to cope with all their latest Mengele experiments on babies and children since they obviously have no conscience, empathy or humanity to be able to do such things to fellow humans especially on the most vulnerable and helpless of all. This has got to stop!

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  3. Right, man. I don’t know where the science is. But you also can’t find out. Not in a straightforward way, anyhow. The results are flatly stated in ideological terms. Research goals that suggest major problems for the existing professional careproviders are not the usual ones that survive a round of picks when the projects seem do-able.

    Everybody who hasn’t tried like mad to get away from mainstream behavioral healthcare after figuring out how to do better on their own, and found out what that puts you up against, just takes it easy about the essential issues unless they lose someone they loved, it seems–or come to believe they might.

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  4. Live, healthy babies are the most likely outcome of ANY birth! They are basically saying, “We aren’t killing them, and only causing serious problems in what we hope is a pretty small number. Or at least that’s what we think, but nobody really knows for sure.” Not very reassuring!

    — Steve

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  5. Neuroleptic/anti-psychotic drugs originate from the chemical phenothiazene, which was used as synthetic dye in 1883. In 1934 Phenothiazene was used by the veterinary practice as an insecticide and extended for killing swine parasites; phenothiazene affects the brains Acetlycholinergic System and results in lethal increases of acetlycholine in the periphery and central nervous system of the insect.

    A Research Timeline for Antipsychotic Drugs

    Just seems like a bad idea for pregnant women to be ingesting this stuff.

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  6. “Live, healthy babies are the most common outcome following the use of antipsychotic medication in pregnancy[.]”
    That sounds very professional. I guess nothing in their conflict of interest disclosure prompted such a conclusion…
    “We found that using cigarettes increases the risk of throat, lung and other forms of cancer but the most common outcome of smoking is relaxed sociable people enjoying their hourly smoke.” Yeah… It’s absolutely ridiculous.

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