Psychiatrization of Children Explored


An entire special issue of the journal Children & Society is dedicated to examining questions surrounding “psychiatrised children.” Various studies explore how rarely children’s lived experiences are included as part of the research literature on psychiatry, how institutionalization disrupts the “independent exploration and identity development” that are crucial to maturation, and how the concepts of being a child “at-risk” for terrorism or mental illness are becoming one and the same in the UK.

In their editorial, Memorial University social work professor Brenda LeFrancois and Edge Hill University sociologist Vicki Coppock describe biomedical psychiatry’s “use of drugs, restraint, solitary confinement and electroshock” on children as “legalised clinical violence.”

Special Issue: Psychiatrised Children and their Rights: Global Perspectives (Children & Society, May 2014, Volume 28, Issue 3)

Freely available on the web from this issue:

Psychiatrised Children and their Rights: Starting the Conversation (Brenda A. LeFrançois and Vicki Coppock, Editorial)

Psychotropic Childhoods: Global MentalHealth and Pharmaceutical Children (China Mills)

The Utmost Discretion: How Presumed Prudence Leaves Children Susceptible to Electroshock (Cheryl van Daalen-Smith et al)



  1. This is a superb and very enlightening post, especially the introductory article on Psychiatrized Children And Their Rights: Starting the Conversation on the horrific human rights violations being perpetrated against children as the adult “market” has become increasingly saturated by the greed and malignant narcissism of the biopsychiatry/Big Pharma industrial complex preying on all of humanity for greed, profit, status, sadism and eugenic culling of the global population.

    The only problem is that anyone well aware of this monstrous agenda will find it hard to stomach the description of what the evil biopsychiatry predation has been doing to children while all too many are well aware of the Orwellian doublespeak used to continue the pretense they are doing anything medical to justify their despicable social control and gross human rights violations of adults for all too long as well. Such “word salad” psychopathic conning and manipulation consist of such vile tautologies as the “right to treatment” and other crocodile tear pretense all too typical of the very character disordered perpetrators of such supposed “biological psychiatry.” Note, real medicine does not have to call itself “biological medicine” to cover up a bogus agenda of social control and human rights violations since they must use real physical entities, lab and other tests to justify their treatments unlike the pseudoscience of biopsychiatry.

    Plus, as many have pointed out, real medicine does not have anti-cancer, anti-heart attack and other groups fighting known fraud about the illness itself as does biopsychiatry!

    The sooner this vile, despicable paradigm is thrown on the rubbish heap of history along with psychiatry’s eugenics agenda of the 1930’s promoted by the robber barons of that day as are the eugenics theories/agenda psychiatry promotes today thanks to the corrupt Dr. Thomas Insel and cohorts of the NIMH and other KOL’s, the sooner we can address the real social problems, inequality, sexism, racism, the shock doctrines perpetrated around the globe by the psychopaths in power to rob the globe and majority of people of all the world’s wealth and resources with the mental death profession serving as the gestapos to aid and abet them using the farce of the “mental illness” paradigm to literally get away with murder including soul murder which is the worst crime so they can produce more dead, unfeeling zombies with no conscience, ethics, decency, humanity like themselves.

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    • Every kid “diagnosed” with Oppositional Defiant Disorder should be proud of his/herself. This is the way the system forces kids to become mindless and heartless robots – comply or perish. It’s disgusting.

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  2. Addendum:

    I suggest some type of relaxation breathing to get through this information since it can come close to causing apoplexy from the rage one feels reading about this horrific predation on our children (and adults) by the biopsychiatry/Big Pharma/corrupt government hacks industrial complex in the guise of “medicine.”

    Arthur Schopenhauer, philosopher, had a great remedy for coping with such intraspecies predators exploiting their mere human appearance and mimicking of normal emotions/language well enough to hide in plain sight per Dr. Robert Hare, world authority on psychopaths. He suggests that one calmly examine them as rock specimens like any other natural phenomenon to avoid excess human emotion. This is what malignant narcissist Dr. Robert Spitzer did when he became the first editor of the horrific predatory, fraudulent DSM III: he treated all of humanity as mere rock specimens in his junk science predatory DSM III with its vile pretense of being medical as he treated humans in his real life in keeping with Spitzer’s total lack of conscience or empathy. Dr. Spitzer admitted that all context or environmental and other stressors had been eliminated from consideration in the DSM III pseudoscience of so called disorder created in a back room by supposed consensus by white males with the greatest bullies winning without a shred of science or evidence per Dr. Paula Caplan’s They Say You’re Crazy much like choosing a restaurant. Dr. Spitzer admitted that if any such context or environmental stressors like such petty details as domestic violence, rape, incest, combat trauma, bullying, mobbing and others, the whole DSM “house of cards would fall apart.

    Dr. Robert Hare said a good place to study psychopathy would be Wall Street, but I think the KOL’s and other top leaders/inventors of biopsychiatry would produce far more specimens based on their inhumane actions throughout their sordid history.

    Finally, the other articles listed here with brief introductions are also enlightening and it is unfortunate that they are behind a paywall making them less accessible

    Again, such articles and posts are crucial for our world to see the truth about what is really behind the biopsychiatry medicalization of normal human behavior and stress/trauma reactions based on horrific social and other conditions that are deliberately psychiatrized in individuals to cover them up and blame the victims.

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  3. On April 21, 2009, the Miami Herald reported that a 7-year-old boy in Florida, Gabriel Myers, had committed suicide by hanging himself with a detachable shower head in a bathroom of the foster care home he was placed in three weeks earlier.

    All total, the Herald found the child had been given the ADHD drug Vyvanse, the antidepressant Lexapro, the atypical antipsychotic, Zyprexa, and Symbyax, a drug that contains both Prozac and Zyprexa.

    The most appalling part of this story is that Dr Sohail Punjwani, the shrink who was supposedly treating Gabriel, told the Herald that he did not even recall the boy.

    Read more

    Vyvanse and Lexapro, the wicked Zyprexa and Symbyax (Prozac and Zyprexa) !

    What an evil drug combination. WTF is wrong with these “doctors” ?

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    • “WTF is wrong with these “doctors”?”
      I don’t know but I think I know a way to fix it, at least in a short term before some systemic change is introduced. It’s more or less the same as fixing Wall Street bankers – a few of them should have to pay a lot of money and serve substantial prison time.

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  4. Copy cat,

    Thanks for posting this great article by the great hero Evelyn Pringle who has done much to fight and expose these horrific crimes against humanity and children especially.

    Excellent job on your part as usual!

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  5. Foster Kids Prescribed Psychotropic Drugs | Video – ABC

    This is one only videos I know of that let the children themselves speak about it.

    One young child interviewed by ABC News described the effect of the antidepressant and antipsychotic drugs he was taking: “They made me feel like I had a thousand bricks on my head.” Another child said, “Some of the medications were for ADHD but I’m not ADHD, I’m just naughty.” A teen in foster care on multiple psychiatric drugs told ABC News she felt like a “guinea pig.”

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