Psychotropic Prescribing to Children Rising in Australia


Researchers from the University of Sydney in Australia found that the prescribing of psychotropic medications to Australian children, adolescents and young adults “increased markedly” from 2009 to 2012. In the Australia and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry study, they identified that “the dispensing of antidepressants, antipsychotics and ADHD medications showed overall increases of 16.1%, 22.7% and 26.1% respectively.” The most rapid increases were in antidepressant and antipsychotic prescribing to children aged 10-14, and ADHD medication prescribing to those aged 20-24.

The researchers wrote that “concerns exist regarding… the likely overmedication of persons with mild psychological distress, and the increasing use of powerful psychotropic medications in younger populations despite uncertain risk-benefit profiles.”

Longitudinal trends in the dispensing of psychotropic medications in Australia from 2009-2012: Focus on children, adolescents and prescriber specialty. (Aust N Z J Psychiatry. 2014 Jun 13. pii: 0004867414538675. [Epub ahead of print])



  1. Though I applaud any efforts to expose the murderous forced drugging of children and toddlers for trivial reasons like typical child misbehavior and other normal variations to make more billions for the bipsychiatry/Big Pharma cartel, I find it disingenuous and grossly dishonest when authors of such articles make the typical copout claim of “uncertain risk-benefit profiles” for neuroleptics when the risks and destruction of the brain and body for children especially are all too well known! (See chapter by Robert Whitaker about the deadly effects of ALL psych drugs on children that all too often lead to the worst neuroleptics due to the nasty iatrogenic effects of kiddie cocaine and SSSR’s then fraudulently stigmatized as bipolar to push the toxic neuroleptics rather removing the original lethal poisons “prescribed.”)

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    • Donna–as always you post the most that needs repeated. Just one thing, although I’m not arguing the point, just looking at the language issue for a moment for myself, when researchers say such a thing, words that to us are like talking in codes are to them (in their illusory version of fighting it out, perhaps) very stern indeed.

      There are academics who would go on for years talking about the lack of efficacy to a ratio of benefit to need. What words have we got besides the highly uneqivocal “deeply corrupt” and “truly disingenuine” ones left over for the bad, bad guys? Seriously, how these lab-tech “m-e-n” are guilty of malicious intent is not something we can be sure of, as we very well can when it comes to the outrageous hypocrites that Dr. Hickey exposes.

      Please see that I’m not arguing the point here, just trying to surmise what keeps these apparently civil research guys from seeing how totally alarming the worldwide rates of neuroleptic consumption is, how ridiculous the legal and social plight of anyone trying to get out from under Big Brother Psychiatry is. I used to love school, but am not sorry to have come around to seeing its blockheaded insincerity.

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  2. ADHD Drug To Be Tested On Four-Year-Olds

    Test the drugs on the Shire CEOs children or grand children first.

    I have “tested” Vyvance , that Dexadrine focus is great until the flawed extended release delivery system delivers the extended horrible jittery anxiety ridden can’t eat crash they call “effective for 12 hours”.

    Nothing is to low for these pharma dirtbags, including testing the stuff on four year olds who can’t possibly express how the stuff makes them feel.

    These pharma dirtbage are in the same class as pedophiles.

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    • Just about everyone who had done the ADHD treatment thing and tried the stuff cringes when the doctor says “Vyvance” and starts spouting off what ever the drug rep told him to think. But it’s not enough for Shire , they have to push their inferior product on preschoolers !

      Pharma dirt bags and pedophiles , oh so much in common.

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      • They may actually be pedophiles, I’ve read the top 1% is into that these days. Apparently, they throw parties where little children are raped. My understanding is that a shared desire to hide such atrocities works as really good blackmail, after the fact.

        And historically (and today) at least some, if not most, of the purpose of the major tranquilizers is to tranquilize people to cover up child abuse. Even Freud made up theories so he could aid and abet in covering up child abuse.

        And personally, I was majorly tranquilized, according to my medical records, based upon a list of lies and gossip from the people who raped my four year old child. And it was confessed to me that psychiatrists have always been around for the purpose of covering up child abuse for the religions and easily recognized iatrogenesis for the incompetent doctors.

        We do have some really evil people in this world, and apparently the worst have taken control. It’s heartbreaking we’re majorly tranquilizing so many children, pure evil.

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    • Amazing. I have a friend with a 4yr old daughter. She is totally “hyperactive”, she plays 10 different games in 10 minutes, simultaneously solves puzzles and plays with dolls, and offers me tea and cookies from her toy set and is literally climbing over my head. Even her kindergarten teachers say she’s much more lively than the other kids. Her mum is a psychologist and has not come to an idea to give her meds. The kid is smart, happy and healthy and lo and behold – requires attention from adults. That’s how kids supposed to be like even if it drives you nuts. How are they supposed to develop physically and mentally without physical activity and learning new things. Plus kids have personalities, not all of them like to sit by themselves and play with a toy for hours straight. It’s absolute madness.
      I’ve recently clashed with a friend of mine who diagnosed himself with “adult ADHD”. He’s taking meds for that and I have no problem with that – afterall he’s an adult and even though I’m slightly worried it’d kids choice. But recently we had a big discussion about the idea of testing drugs on pre-school “ADHD kids” and of course he went on with the “if the kid is so out of control he/she can seriously harm themselves” – every kid of that age can seriously harm themselves when they’re left unattended, that’s why you don’t let 4 and 5 yr olds run around by themselves. Even if ADHD is somehow a real neurobiological disorder causing hyperactivity (a big if) I can see how a 4 yr old cannot be handled with simple parental supervision or how he should be socially harmed. It’s bullshit.

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  3. Someone Else! I guarantee you that greed, ignorance, and self-righteous zealotry are in control. And that’s manily two very different groups. The greedy and power-mad, the ignorant and obsessed with rules. Corruption flourishes between these two poles, as crafty people mean both to evade the rules and obtain the wealth and status.

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  4. Also, I assume that most survivors learn to remember that academia is everything to psychiatry for bringing on board their new blood, the next round of supporters for their well-substantiated expertise, for demonstrating their absolute objectivity as a science that requires great sacrifices of them each in order to qualify whatever they want to call their work.

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