“Why Are Our Toddlers Being Prescribed Antipsychotic Drugs?”


The Melbourne Herald Sun reports that “The prescription of some atypical antipsychotics has more than doubled . . . Psychiatrist Dr George Halasz who has been vocal about the high use of ADHD medication says the huge increase in prescription of these medications raises questions about whether “other diagnoses not being considered . . . If there had been a 138 per cent increase in any other brand of medicine for insulin or asthma we would be questioning what was going on.”

Why are our toddlers being prescribed antipsychotic drugs? (Melbourne Herald Sun)


  1. Many brave mental health experts and those like Bob Whitaker have spoken out against the monstrosity of drugging children with toxic drugs with the most egregious the horrible neuroleptics that are even criticized for their massive harm of brain/body organ damage and other toxic effects for adults with psychosis. That these poison drugs are being used for misbehavior in children, so called depression, insomnia and everything else under the sun to make more billions for the biopsychiatry/Big Pharma cartel is despicable to say the least.

    And where is our great government to protect us from this monstrous assault on our nation’s children? Right there aiding and abetting the paid shills of this monstrous Mafioso like cartel with the great Dr. Thomas Insel, Head of NIMH, writing a bogus justification for this horrific predation with toxic drugs on our nation’s children despite all the brave experts who have come out to vigorously protest against it even including Dr. Phil protesting before Congress.


    Dr. Insel’s disgusting, lame, unjustifiable pretense that this toxic drugging of our nation’s children is most likely justified while he even lowers himself to compare bogus mental stigmas with diabetes after he himself admitted DSM stigmas lack validity is pathetic and evil to say the least.

    But, as Dr. Mickey Nardo has exposed, Insel has no clinical experience in psychiatry while he did work with some primates in isolated research. He is also known to have close ties with Charles Nemeroff who is infamous for all of his close ties to Big Pharma that got him targeted by Senator Glassley when he exposed many psychiatrists as on the take with Big Pharma under the table while working with government grants, which was illegal. Both Insel and Nemeroff helped each other get jobs at their respective universities and the NIMH, so no surprise that both are beholden to Big Pharma and the KOL’s of biopsychiatry/the APA, which means they have minus billion concern for what they do to their victims, the citizens for whom they are supposed to be concerned for their health.

    As far as I am concerned, anyone who can advocate subjecting children and toddlers to poison psychiatric drugs and especially neuroleptics is a psychopath with no conscience whatsoever unless there is a dire, very unique case where it might be temporarily justified, which would be too rare or never justifiable to make the massive profits Dr. Insel needs to deliver to his cohorts in crime to justify his position.

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  2. Its horrible, at least kids drugged with stimulants to control them get a nice high that feels similar to cocaine out of the deal even if the crash sucks.

    From the article: “The report suggests the marked increase in prescriptions could be due to prescription shopping and suggests the medicines may be diverted to the illegal market.”

    There is no illegal market for antipsychotic drugs, “Hey man do you know where I could score some olanzapine ? I just really want to feel like I was bashed in the head with a hammer today”.

    Illegal market for antipsychotics, ya sure.

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    • Actually, I’ve read there is an illegal market for Seroquel, although I’m not sure why because I painted a self portrait with my head bashed in right after being put on Seroquel. So I agree with your description of the effects of the neuroleptics.

      And I agree, forcing children to take neuroleptics is psychopathic behavior, and pure evil. And I think the doctors expressing concern in this article are forgetting about the massive malpractice going on – the misdiagnosis of the adverse effects of the ADHD drugs and antidepressants, as childhood bipolar? American psychiatrists have lost their minds.

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      • I checked out the Seroquel thing before. Some people inject with with cocaine, it is called a Q-Ball… That is one of those meds that is in the “clinic cocktails” my friends sister told me about. I took seroquel as well and it was a living hell to stop taking. Worse than Xanax (which was in my childhood cocktail)

        A lot of the maintenance folks that stay lifers also have, Concerta or Vyvanse for the day to go with their methadone/bupenorphine. PRN Xanax or Ativan and Ambien and Seroquel for sleep. I don’t think is violates HIPAA to say that because she didn’t mention names but she said some taper from it and never go back, some are in and out and many are on the above. I know one personally who is a personal trainer. Lived it from a pain med, did the program, 12-stepped it, maintenance for a short period and is done so I am not judging those circumstance, it beats robbing people for heroin, I guess.

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