Upcoming Breath-Body-Mind Online Workshop


Psychiatrists Richard Brown and Patricia Gerbarg will be giving a Breath~Body~Mind workshop live online August 16 and August 17, 2014. According to a press release, the psychiatrists “combine the most rapidly effective breathing techniques to improve mood, mental focus, heart and lung function, endurance, and stress relief.” They also particularly direct the integrative practice towards “individuals with psychiatric (anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADD) and medical conditions (cancer, lung problems, toxic exposures), and victims of abuse, terrorism, war, and natural disaster.”

Tuition for the two-day workshop is $325 before August 8, $355 after that date.

NY Psychiatrists Teach Stress Reduction with Breath~Body~Mind Techniques in Internet Broadcast from Fellowships of the Spirit, August 16-17 (Press Release, Digital Journal, July 17, 2014)

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  1. Hi E.Silly
    I learnt breathing meditation with the Western Buddhists at Bethnal Green, London, and they charged about Ā£10.
    You couldn’t get through the door without paying the money – but for me it was worth it.

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