Greenberg on DSM: “There are many… who wonder about the sanity…”


“There are many practitioners, including psychiatrists, who wonder about the sanity and the soundness of the enterprise in general,” Gary Greenberg tells the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s RN radio network about the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. RN interviews various experts in a report on how “practitioners across the world are in open revolt” against psychiatry, “demanding that the practice be brought into the modern world and be anchored not in conjecture but in contemporary science.”

“[C]ritics charge that treating people according to their mental health symptoms makes as much sense as a physician prescribing the same medication to everyone with chest pain, regardless of whether that pain is the result of heartburn, a simple muscle spasm or the beginnings of a massive myocardial infarction,” says RN in the introduction. “In other words, it makes no sense at all.’

RN provides the introductory article and links to the full radio broadcast and transcript.

Psychiatrists split on whether to ditch DSM (Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s RN, August 17, 2014)

Future directions for psychiatry – audio and transcript
(Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s RN, August 17, 2014)


  1. I, for one, thought (and still think) my psychiatric practitioners were “down the rabbit hole with Alice” in “an alternate reality.” Nothing they told me made any sense whatsoever. But they were doctors who’d promised to “first and foremost do no harm,” who had malpractice insurance in the event they did, so I made the mistake of giving them the benefit of the doubt.

    And, unfortunately, due to medical wall of silence, I had to research medicine myself.

    What a shame that there are millions of us who had the ADRs and withdrawal effects of “safe smoking cessation meds” / antidepressants misdiagnosed as “bipolar,” especially since such misdiagnoses are actually malpractice according to psychiatry’s own “bible” itself. And we can’t find lawyers to sue for the blatant malpractice, because we’ve been defamed with fictitious disorders.

    But now we may say, psychiatry is all about defaming innocent people with make believe “mental illnesses,” so the psychiatrists can cover up easily recognized medical mistakes for the incompetent doctors, and medical evidence of the sodomy of little children for the mainstream religions. It’s been confessed to me that this is the “dirty little secret of the two original educated professions.” And this “dirty little secret” has gone viral! Millions have been so misdiagnosed.

    But the psycho / pharmaceutical industries have marketed their “alternate reality” into the mainstream belief system. Is this actually beneficial to humanity, however?

    I personally think society would be better served if the incompetent doctors were able to be sued, and gotten rid of, and the child molesters were put in jail. Especially since my ex-pastor’s local high school had six psychiatrically stigmatized children commit violent suicides in the years my child was in high school, and I have medical proof he was covering up his and / or his friends’ child abuse hobby, via fraudulent psychiatric stigmatization.

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    • It seems when societies advocate belief in fictitious and unprovable “mental illnesses,” as the US is doing today, and just like the Nazis did during WWII, insane injustice is what ensues. Is that really what is beneficial to the majority within society? I don’t think so.

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