Peter Gøtzsche Tells Daily Show, Big Pharma Like Drug Cartels


MIA Foreign Correspondent Peter Gøtzsche, author of the book Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime, was interviewed on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night as part of a feature about the pharmaceutical industry and the marketing of prescription addictions.

During his investigations into the politics of growing prescription drug abuse, The Daily Show‘s Michael Che meets in a darkened car in an underground parking lot with Gøtzsche, where they speak in hushed tones for a couple of minutes. “Pharmaceutical companies are like drug cartels,” Gøtzsche summarizes. Che laughs and says, “That’s a good one.” Gøtzsche states flatly that he was not joking. Che says, “Listen man, I’m a comedian, I know about jokes, all right? That’s a funny joke.” Gøtzsche responds, “This medicine kills people. Do you still think it’s a joke?” Che looks back at him blankly and says, “Well, not that part.”

The Pharmaceutical Drug Epidemic (The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Comedy Central, September 16, 2014)

For viewers located in Canada, see CTV. (from minute 8:43)


  1. Good to see this information getting out in a left-leaning media outlet. The Left in general has abandoned the psychiatric survivor’s movement in favor of advocating for more “access to services.” Reframing this as corporate malfeasance (which is exactly what it is) may bring a lot more advocates to our side.

    —- Steve

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