Doctors Frustrated With Electronic Medical Records


“Disappointing” and “tragedy” are some of the descriptives everyday doctors are using to describe the expanding use of electronic medical records, according to The Dose blog on the Indianapolis Business Journal website.

“Digitizing medical records was supposed to transform health care — improving the quality of care and the service provided to patients while helping cut out unnecessary costs,” writes J.K. Wall. “Perhaps they still will. But lately, electronic medical record systems are getting nothing but votes of no-confidence from physicians, hospitals, insurers and IT experts.”

Wall interviews a number of medical experts who have previously pushed for electronic records and who are now expressing concern that the systems mainly just waste physicians’ valuable time.

The tragedy of electronic medical records (IBJ Blogs, The Dose, October 23, 2014)


      • I’ve been considering writing a letter to have put in my records B.

        Dear God,
        please consider this as evidence of those who would bear false witness and punish them appropriately. Perhaps you would consider starting a large fire with these documents and burning the persons responsible with the resulting flames.
        Your humble servant

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        • I am still planning to write my version of events and demand it will be appended to the official file. Not that it will matter in any way legally or if anyone ever wanted to use them against me but just for the sake of truth and p***ing them off a bit. I just regret don’t have money for the lawyer. Patient advocacy is a bad joke and basically a white-washing institution which does nothing but checking if hospital documents are in order, which guess what – they are. Somehow they failed to add that these are 90% lies and they abuse their patients on a daily basis but since no one is going to investigate any claims (unless you have time and money for private suits – laugh along with me) they can write any legal fiction into them papers.

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        • Btw, just in a hope that they sue me 😉 : these people are in Otto Wagner Spital in Vienna, Austria and that lovely woman who doesn’t know benzos can trigger anterograde amnesia (unless until you tell her to put it into pubmed of course) is Margit Wrobel. Avoid at all costs (the hospital has anyway a lovely scandal-ridden history with abuse and even patient deaths and nothing’s changed since).

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          • Focus on the documents that have consequences B. The Forms that result in detention, and force medications on you etc.

            Unsure of your ‘system’ in Austria, but if I can help in any way please feel free to contact me.

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          • Thanks, but I don’t believe she will really sue me. That was a trollish technique of intimidation and I’d actually love to see that. I considered suing them but at this point I have no means to do that nor the time and the statue of limitation is only 3yrs (kind of ridiculous if you consider that medical malpractice and stuff may result in patient’s death or long-term disability and that the consequences of such malpractice can impair a person’s ability to initiate legal process but hey, it’s the system protecting itself).

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      • Talk to a lawyer. You can get a court order forcing your health care provider to allow you to fix or add to your health care records. You may also collect actual damages for any past refusal to allow you to fix and add to medical records. The law also lets you get attorney’s fees and expenses to cover the costs of the lawsuit if you win.

        right to amend medical records

        Its like they copied the criminal record system, it follows you like it or not.

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