US Government Proposes Stronger Rules for Disclosure of Medical Trial Results


The US government is proposing to toughen the rules governing medical trials involving human subjects, to help ensure the trials are registered in advance and their results are reported to the public, according to a press release from the National Institute of Health. The proposed changes come in the wake of what the director of the NIH called an ongoing “disappointing track record” with respect to public disclosure.

1 Boring Old Man has quoted from and linked to a number of sources discussing the new rules. “If the NIH and FDA really do everything they say here, they would be starting a ball rolling down the rightest of hills to begin cleaning up this wrongest of circumstances,” comments 1 Boring Old Man. “And speaking of about time, it’s long overdue – but a welcome move in the very rightest of directions…”

speaking of about time!… (1 Boring Old Man, November 19, 2014)

HHS and NIH take steps to enhance transparency of clinical trial results (National Institute of Health Press Release, November 19, 2014)