New Form of Mice Experiment Reveals Antidepressant’s Dangers Earlier


Scientists from the University of Utah say they have discovered a new way of doing mice experiments that more sensitively and quickly reveals negative side effects from drugs being tested. In their proof-of-concept, their experiment much more pronouncedly and rapidly revealed the negative effects of the antidepressant Paxil (paroxetine) on pregnant mothers and offspring, even at relatively low doses.

The study, appearing in Neurotoxicology and Teratology, involved putting the lab mice in extremely competitive environments rather than in isolated, protected cages, the way lab mice normally live. When the mice had to battle more aggressively for territory, food, and mating opportunities, the negative effects of the Paxil appeared much more rapidly and tangibly and at much lower doses than in the original experiments with protected mice.

“Paroxetine-exposed males weighed 13% less, had 44% fewer offspring, dominated 53% fewer territories and experienced a 2.5-fold increased trend in mortality, when compared with controls,” wrote the researchers. “Paroxetine-exposed females had 65% fewer offspring early in the study, but rebounded at later time points, presumably, because they were no longer exposed to paroxetine. In cages, paroxetine-exposed breeders took 2.3 times longer to produce their first litter and pups of both sexes experienced reduced weight when compared with controls.”

These effects of Paxil were not as apparent in early trials of the drug, the researchers wrote. Low-dose paroxetine-induced health declines detected in their study “were undetected in preclinical trials with doses 2.5–8 times higher than human therapeutic doses.”

‘Darwinian’ Test Uncovers an Antidepressant’s Hidden Toxicity (University of Utah press release on Newswise, December 15, 2014)

(Abstract) Low-dose paroxetine exposure causes lifetime declines in male mouse body weight, reproduction and competitive ability as measured by the novel organismal performance assay (Gaukler, Shannon M. et al. Neurotoxicology and Teratology. January-February, 2015. doi:10.1016/


  1. This seems to explain the “dirty little secret” knowledge of why the doctors who are paranoid of malpractice suits, and clergy who want to cover up child abuse, are lying to their patients / parishioners, claiming the antidepressants are “safe” non-psychiatric drugs, to get them onto the antidepressants.

    The purpose of antidepressants, historically and today, seemingly is to make people more docile, dull, and less able to reproduce, so the unethical may steal from and control the trusting masses.

    I’m quite certain that, historically, it is the weak and unjust governments that advocate belief in the utilization of mind altering drugs to control the populations – governments like Nazi Germany and communist Russia.

    A country that believes “all are created equal” and “in justice for all” should never advocate the use of such mind altering drugs. And allowing these drugs to be false marketed as “happy pills” or “safe smoking cessation meds” is quite appalling in a land where false advertising is supposedly illegal.

    But I understand psychiatry’s goal, since WWII, was to take control of America. It seems the psychiatric industry is waging a war against the people of America (and the world) from within, while hypocritically pretending to be doctors who have promised to “first and foremost, do no harm.”

    But it’s good the psychiatric industry’s evil goals and current crimes against all of humanity are starting to see the light of day. Shame on the American psychiatric industry for harboring a belief system that is basically the opposite of that of the laws of our country. Defaming, tranquilizing, and torturing human beings is unacceptable human behavior. Wake up psychiatry.

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    • I’m sorry but I can’t agree with your views on this. There are too many people out there with serious mental issues to be ignored. These issues have been in existence since the dawn of humanity. Science tries to find cures, but its still hit and miss. I personally have had issues with depession most of my life. I didn’t ask for it, but its part of my genetic makeup, no different than the other genetic abnormaities I already have (gout & celiacs disease for example).

      Yes I’ve tried several anti-depressant, but I didn’t care for their side affects, so I just muddle through life without them. As with most sufferers of depression I have thoughts of suicide, but I would never act on them. I’ve come to the belief that if I give into these thoughts then everyone who has ever treated me badly will have won, and I’ll be damned if I let that happen. Unfortunately not everyone with a mental illness can fight it. Some of these malidies are so strong and pervasive that the person has no ability to fight it.

      If you want to believe like Tom Cruise that mental illness isn’t real then go ahead, but the real cures will come from scientific research, which at some point will discover the genetic links to these disease and be able to formulate effective cures.

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      • 1 – you say Depression is genetic. Can you point to the studies? I know of none that stand up to cometant analysis.

        2 you say science will discover the genetic links to these diseases and formulat effective cures. Why do you think this when so far half a century or more of genetic research has found nothing and the drugs developed so far you yourself have not found helpful.

        Without proof, which includes personal experience and decent stuides, your comments read like wishsful thinking.

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        • No one argues that, for example, people become depressed. What the issue is that people have been sold an idea that there is somehow science to what “mental health” is all about. There is no science. That they search with desperation to create a link (whether “Chemical imbalance”, genetic or neurological in nature) there still isn’t. This is largely due to the fact that reducing a human being as a collection of behaviors is flawed in and of itself. It would be like an Oncologist removing cancer cells and not addressing the remainder of the body or treating it. They have broad, accepted permission to experiment with human beings with “treatments” that work less than half the time (medications) and if they do work, this pseudo-science can’t tell you why because it’s sheer luck. Medications aren’t the answer. They never have been. But, the create tremendous profit for those on top of the pyramid (drug companies, the medical complex involved in prescribing them). This entire type of treatment should have to be substantiated before it continues in light of the continuously growing amount of information that continues to prove that these medications are toxic. It’s also useful if you do your research to find that drug companies lie and cover up results that are negative. Review that Glaxo lawsuit from 2012 or their new one from 2014 brought by China. Snake oil sellers.
          Psychiatry isn’t a science. It’s a philosophy on steroids.

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          • Squash,

            “Psychiatry isn’t science. It’s a philosophy on steroids.” I personally think it’s more similar to a child abusing religion, than a philosophy. Because philosophy is based upon actual logic, psychiatry is not.


            You absolutely have a right to your own opinion, and hopes, but I would politely request you not assume – and claim – my beliefs are the same as those of Tom Cruise, as they are not.

            As others above mentioned, I do believe people become depressed, and I feel for those who do, including you. However I do not believe depression is a “mental illness,” I believe it is a state of mind (albeit affected by many variables).

            Based upon the fact you suffer from both gout and celiac’s disease, it would strike me as logical that your depression could be related to diet. Have you done much research or experimentation with diet and exercise?

            Since it’s not looking likely that the psycho / pharmaceutical industries will be coming up with any valid science or cures for depression in our lifetime, I think that may be your best hope. But I’m not a doctor, just a “physician heal thyself” kind of person.

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          • Psychiatry isn’t a science . It’s a fabricated pseudo scientific construct made of words chemicals , electricity and other miscellaneous tortures applied coercively by true believers and/or dedicated profit seekers to control, cull ,and/or enslave and steamroll over populations , while trying with less and less success to disguise itself as some kind of benevolent health care.

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      • It’s not a mental illness, it’s called life (and not being a psychopath). Most people feel like this. Prety much everyone I know except for some real a**oles whom I’d prefer not to know at all were or are (and are likely to be in future) “depressed”. Life’s tough and then you die, it’s called human condition. It is a myth of modern times and the sick society we live in taht it has been rebranded as mental illness. Read some existentialists.
        And no, no “cure” will ever come from scientific research I can pretty much guarantee you that as a neuroscientist.

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  2. Yes. It’s time to stop fiddling with mice and funding fun little experiments while millions of people are being subjected to psychiatric abuse and torture under the guise of “medicine”. Why conduct such experiments when it is abundantly clear from both history and scientific research that psychotropic drugs produce great harm in whatever living species they touch? Take all the money that is used to fund such meaningless studies and give it to the human guinea pigs who are suffering under the spell of psychotropic drugs to help them withdraw from the poisons. Enough of this nonsense. Slay the Dragon of Psychiatry.

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