“The Medicalization of Mood: Worse Than Nothing, or Just Ineffective?”


In his blog Psychology Salon, psychologist Randy Paterson explores what the balance of evidence is showing us after 60 years of increasing medical treatments for depression. Are drug treatments ineffective, or worse than ineffective?

“If the mark of successful medical intervention is that a disorder appears less often, is less prevalent in the population at large, appears later in life than previously, is less severe when it happens, if recurrence is less frequent and recovery is more complete, if the burden on the medical system is lower, if disability is minimized and mortality is reduced, then we consider the intervention a success,” writes Paterson. “Sometimes we achieve gains on a few of these measures but not all of them. In the case of depression, however, the problem has worsened on virtually all fronts.”

The Medicalization of Mood: Worse Than Nothing, or Just Ineffective? (Psychology Salon, December 30, 2014)


  1. Not to mention, the antidepressants (and ADHD drugs) CAUSE the “bipolar” symptoms, and the US psychiatric practitioners weren’t intelligent enough to read their DSM IV stating that it was a misdiagnosis to upgrade to “bipolar” based upon ADRs, which has resulted in the appalling childhood bipolar epidemic.

    And since the “bipolar” drugs can cause the “schizophrenia” symptoms, I would imagine an increase in the schizo- diagnoses, as well.

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  2. They made me actively suicidal, psychotic etc, then getting off them was horrendous. After two years without meds, I suspect I still have some longer term issues that certainly were NOT there before my encounter with SSRIs & anti-psychotics.

    So….they made things not just worse, but appallingly so, inducing illness, costing both the health system and me very dearly indeed.

    I’d be happy to see them banned for ALL new patients as I don’t believe doctors (or others) are capable of managing the toxic effects of these mind-destroying substances. However, I understand that many people are addicted for life and so would still need scripts to be written, and believe such scripts should be very strictly controlled indeed.

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