Medscape Reports on Survey Exploring Physicians’ Thoughts on Ethics


Medscape surveyed 21,000 physicians on a wide range of ethical issues, and provides slides summarizing their answers.

A small sampling:

“Would you ever perform a procedure that may not be medically warranted because of malpractice fears?” (20% said “yes”)

“Would you ever perform a procedure that’s not medically necessary but will generate income?” (18% said “yes” or “it depends”)

“Would you withhold information from a patient at a family’s request?” (61% said “yes” or “it depends”)

Medscape Ethics Report 2014, Part 1: Life, Death, and Pain (Medscape, December 16, 2014)

Medscape Ethics Report 2014, Part 2: Money, Romance, and Patients (Medscape, December 16, 2014)


  1. I dealt with at least eleven doctors who lied to me and my family, put me on a psychotropic drug without telling me, claimed adverse effects of the psychotropic drugs were a “life long, incurable, genetic mental illness,” and poisoned me with massive major drug interaction laden cocktails, all to proactively prevent a non-existent malpractice suit due to a “bad fix” on a broken bone and cover up the medical evidence of the sexual abuse of my child. Only one of these doctors has been arrested, and even he is still practicing medicine.

    We have major problems with lack of ethics within the US mainstream medical community. I’m quite certain the mere existence of unprovable and scientifically lacking in validity “mental illnesses,” and utilization of the toxic psychotropic drugs, which make such crimes possible, is a large part of the problem. My pastor called such crimes, “the dirty little secret of the two original educated professions,” so obviously such medical industry cover ups have been going on for a long time. I even had a client who told me the story of how the same thing almost happened to her when doctors were unable to properly diagnose a form of food poisoning.

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