1. Bob Whitaker does a great job exposing Dr. Thomas Insel’s ongoing futile, but very costly never ending latest eugenics agenda in psychiatry that continues to harm countless lives in the guise of “mental health.”


    Dr. Jay Joseph, Psychologist, MIA author and author of The Missing Gene, The Gene Illusion and
    most recently The Trouble with Twin Studies: A Reassessment of Twin Research in the Social and Behavioral Sciences, along with many articles once again debunks the predatory eugenics agenda of biopsychiatry with the goal of blaming the victims for the gross injustice, oppression, increasing inequality, poor schools, poverty, racism, sexism, robbery of global and local resources at the expense of the majority, pollution and other evils inflicted by the latest robber barons whom biopsychiatry has always served via a predatory eugenics/euthanasia agenda as it continues to do today. The only difference today is that the psychopaths in power have learned to torture and poison their victims gradually via toxic food, drugs, pollution, lies, injustice, creating the junk science “mental death” agenda to rob an increasing majority of all their democratic, civil, human rights directly and indirectly with an increasing Stalinist totalitarian dictatorship pretending to be a democracy as exposed the book, Political Ponerology and its related web site and many others. Dr. Joseph lefts the veil of psychiatry’s attempts to cover up their crimes against humanity by demonstrating over and over that their never ending bogus claims of inferior genes, brain circuits and other ideology disguised as science become obvious and irrelevant once the true causes are recognized:


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  2. I couldn’t agree with you more Donna.

    The blog promotes ‘hypothetical’ advances in bio pyschiatry; while the only proven recovery that can be found is to be found in the human centred approach (which contradict “illness”).

    I think myself that one genuine advance this year has been the further scientific exposure of the SSRIs as medical /pharmaceutical fraud (on a huge scale).

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  3. I find it very telling that the discussion of “convergence” (collaborative efforts between disciplines to achieve a higher-order result) discussed neurobiologists working with engineers and physicists, but did not include a collaboration between neurobiology and psychology or spiritual studies or social work or sociology, or even economics. And of course, his analysis of why studies are hard to replicate completely dismisses malfeasance and corruption as primary causes, despite strong evidence that studies tend strongly to favor the institutions funding them. It goes to show both how far on the wrong track Insel and his minions are, and how completely dedicated they are to continuing to travel down that track regardless of the gaping chasm with the bridge out that lies ahead. These guys are only interested in controlling and manipulation and treating human beings like machines to be tinkered with. They have no interest in the experience of the “machines” they believe us to be. It is such a completely bankrupt institution, yet it continues to be funded to the tune of billions a year. I hope he will manage to work himself into the anachronism status he deserves.

    —- Steve

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  4. I agree ladies and gentleman, thank you for your research and informed comments. I personally don’t want my tax dollars funding any more research into the fictitious genetics of the scientifically “lacking in validity” (and likely largely iatrogenic) “mental illnesses.”

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