Supreme Court Case May Set Precedent for Psychiatric Drug Prescription Powers


A news story and opinion article in Psychiatric News discuss a current US Supreme Court case that is considering whether non-dentists should be permitted to perform teeth whitening. The case could have significant ramifications for issues surrounding the legal powers of non-physicians such as psychologists to prescribe psychiatric drugs.

Dentists’ Scope-of-Practice Case Getting Physicians’ Attention
(Psychiatric News, November 2014)

Psychiatry’s Stake in Supreme Court Dental Board Case (Psychiatric News, November 2014)


  1. As many of us who have become knowledgeable in psychiatric practice are well aware, psychiatry has divorced itself from the Hippocratic philosophy of legitimate medical practice. As such, psychiatric prescription powers should be shared with clinical psychologists. This will strengthen the suggestion for the public that what psychiatry does is not real medical doctoring.

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