“New Mental Disorder Aimed At People Who Insist On Eating A Clean Diet”


Natural News takes issue with the new, increasingly promoted “disorder” of Orthorexia Nervosa — the desire to conduct independent research on foods and food sources and then eat only food that you believe is good for you.

“If you are well-educated, like to do your own research and eat only foods that you (all by yourself) determine to be healthy and pure, then it is safe to say that you are at risk for ‘catching’ orthorexia nervosa,” reports Natural News. They note that the originator of the term claims he never intended for the disorder to be applied to anyone “who is merely pursuing health by eating well,” but only to people who do so in “unhealthy” ways.

Orthorexia Nervosa – New mental disorder aimed at people who insist on eating a clean diet (Natural News, March 6, 2015)


  1. Thank you. This is well known to any of us who have entered the system of “eating disorders care.” We are told to police our own thoughts, that any desire to become thin or change one’s size or shape is a wrong thought, that if you leave out an FDA food group, say, for instance, meat, you are disordered. We are told that stepping on the scale is a disorder, or even owning one. We are told we can never again enjoy exercise, that any exercise is yet another reflection of “disorder.” I am so sad when I see young people adopting ridiculously rigid lifestyles, all in fear of the dreaded “relapse.” Orthorexia is said to be rigidity. I have seen patients who tortured themselves with such obsessive manner of eating healthy or following a meal plan perfectly, that is, “100%,” as it is called. This is always the result of “care,” which teaches patients that breaking rules is a terrible sin, although sometimes I see rigidity as a response to bullying spouses, teachers, school nurses, family doctors, or others in our lives. No one is born a rigid eater, this is taught.

    Julie Greene, survivor of self-starvation and consequently, mental health and eating disorders “care”

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    • I, too, had one hour of regular moderate exercise a day claimed to be a “sign of mania” by doctors who were creating the central symptoms of neuroleptic induced anticholingeric intoxication sydrome in me with their drugs, so they could try to convince me I had “bipolar.” Despite the fact another doctor had told me repeatedly to lose weight because of the “bad fix” on my broken ankle.

      And the fact I did lose the weight I’d gained when having children, upon this doctor’s advise, was supposedly one of the reasons I was claimed to be “bipolar.” The psychiatrist’s spew the opposite of reality at patients, so they can try to convince patients they are crazy. It’s sick.

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  2. I dunno Ted. I know a number of people who developed severe eating disorders resulting from “treatment.” Usually the problem is nutritional in nature, related to deficiencies that develop from dieting or self-starvation. It’s a vicious cycle that lasts long after weight is “restored.” I believe eating disorders are prolonged by “treatment” such as therapy or pills, and often, the eating disorders imprisonment make people far worse, becoming repeat customers, a steady flow of income for these wealthy institutions and horse farms. Due to severe oppression and bullying in the System, most patients don’t dare speak out. Katie Higgins, nurse whistleblower, and I are convening on this and will be speaking publicly on the topic soon.

    Julie Greene

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