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  • I got rid of my TV over 20 years ago and have not watched it since. I developed a strong dislike for it, then a complete intolerance. I can’t believe people even sleep with the thing yapping away! I cannot tolerate much of radio, either. Computer is a good thing so long as I am typing. I cannot see the point in passively watchig youtubes. I credit “no TV’ as one reason why my mind is sharp, I have sharp hearing, am generally happy and am physically fit.

    Plus cable is a complete waste of hard-earned disability check, let’s face it. That’s ironic since the only reason I’m still on it is no one will hire me.

  • Then those of us in a position to take action (and are not too preoccupied with bitching and moaning) should take action NOW. How about a protest? Or organizing outside the DA’s office? BTW PLEASE listen to my Blog Talk Radio Broadcast because it is RELEVANT and I would speak out in court on Michelle’s behalf on just how powerful these friendships are, it is like the person has a spell over you.


  • Frances almost everyone who develops “Fibro” took pharma drugs, usually antidepressants, prior to the Fibro. I wish I recalled the statistics.

    Just about everyone who takes Lithium loses their thyroid, many lose significant kidney functioning. It’s a so-called “tradeoff” since so-called MI are considered lesser value humans. We’re just throwaways, not worth it.


  • Hi Frances, Sounds like the Prednisone may have done serious damage to you sleep-wise. I would stay on the drugs rather than not sleep. Stay on the lowest dose if you have to. If you have very bad damage sometime that’s the only thing that’ll get you to sleep. Not sleeping is very damaging to the body, more damaging that a tiny dose of pills. Take a subclinical dose. Or try, just enough to knock yourself out. You were on drugs a very long time, unlike these younger folks who can get off completely. Never mind not sleeping makes you grumpy, you drop stuff, you get lost, and you lose all your stuff and driving isn’t safe.

  • Jolly Roger and anyone,

    I discourage bashing Dr. K simply because what I see here is bashing him because he has MD after his name. However, he is in support of the Movement and earnestly is here to help us out. Why do you put him down? I personally do not believe “all psychiatrists are evil.” I know some of you do. However, Dr. Breggin is not evil, right? Not all psychs are evil. They run on a continuum. I don’t think the statement “All psychs are evil” properly represents the thinking of mosts here, nor of most in the Movement. Most of us are capable of complex thinking. We don’t generalize nor make such broad and sweeping statements. Many of us would refuse, also, to “classify” humans as “good” or “evil.” Isn’t another “classification” completely against what we stand for? We don’t want more of a split society, that we saw on the wards. That Us and Them, we the inferiors, them the superiors and the split that was forever and ever. There are no Good and Evil people. Some shrinks are actually okay, and if you want a demonstration of OKAY, go see Breggin’s latest articles on Michelle Carter. Then, come back to me and say all psychs are Evil. Don’t ever tell me how to judge other humans, either. Psychs are humans, many, though, are following a corrupt practice. I don’t believe they are intrinsically Evil. To believe this would be to believe in the exact same eugenics that psychiatry teaches.


  • I have put a reading from my published memoir of my experience of a destructive teen friendship (like Michelle and Conrad’s) up on Blog Talk Radio.

    This show is a 90-minute reading I pre-recorded devoted to Michelle Carter which will go live tomorrow, August 15, 2017.

    Here is the URL of the show.

    I provided an introduction explaining what destructive teen relationships are. I don’t make assumptions about Michelle and Conrad. I only ask that the audience consider the POSSIBILITY that Michelle may very well have been cornered into doing what she did. She may have believed she had no choice.

    Julie Greene, another survivor of destructive teen relationship, 1971-75

  • Dear Walter, I knew many who took them, may or may not have “felt better.” They are mostly dead now.

    I, as former patient, am happy not to have my head clouded nor too puffed up by an MD degree…..But saddened to lose so many to this obvious scam. This was not a “tradeoff” by any means. The price was too high to pay, for these unfortunate people taken too young, and for their families.


  • Ken, I can talk till I’m blue in the face but that won’t stop my friends/acquaintances from going to doctors to beg for pills. They still think that’s what doctors are for. I can argue and argue but it’s useless. I myself was not raised with this “take a pill” mentality. When I first came upon it I was shocked. “Why take pills?”

    A few years later it had rubbed off on me, though. I suffered from an eating disorder and no therapy ever helped in three decades. I found therapy imposing and abusive. I had over 20 of them. The decent ones didn’t stick around very long. Therapy sustained me in a disabled state, encouraging me to stay disabled. Sadly, in three decades they barely acknowledged I had an eating disorder even though I told them clearly!

    By 1982, which was early on, I had concluded that therapy wasn’t going to help, so I figured pills might. There was research stating that pills help binge eating. The research was on the antidepressant imipramine. The book is out of print but it was done by prominant researchers. This went on to prescribing SSRI’s, Topamax, and now, Vyvanse.

    Frankly, I think they’ll find Vyvanse as disappointing as the others, but let’s just say it’s pulling in a profit. My own experience is that ANY drug that reduces appetite in just the right way at just the right time will stop binge eating rather effectively, as will certain foods if eaten at the right time. You can also change up the order you eat your meals and this will do the trick, or, for some, eliminate or add certain food. Some find elimination of “trigger” foods helpful.

    I found that lithium worked. It is known to put on weight, but for me, it reduced my appetite just enough. I had no clue, at the time, exactly how it was “working,” but the “effects” were immediate, dramatic, and very noticeable. TO ME.

    However, because because binge eating is ALMOST ALWAYS done in secret, no one else noticed the difference. So the residential center I was staying at failed to validate that the Lithium had helped my ED.

    This is very sad.

    The last day of my lengthy stay there, in 1984, I met with the director. I told him, “I’m very happy. The lithium has obliterated my eating disorder, so now, I can go on with my life.”

    He said, “You never had an eating disorder. It must have been very minor or you were only imagining it.”

    I felt incredibly crushed. He was so wrong. After I left there, I was called schizophrenic because they assumed I had only invented my ED. It took three decades and nearly starving to death for the world of Mental Health to finally wake up.

    I got over my ED by leaving MH “help” far behind, by ditching all the lies they told me, by ending all supervision and doing it all myself, by getting rid of the diagnoses, and by living as a free, undiagnosed person. I would wish the same freedom for anyone.


  • Hi Everyone, Thanks again to Dr. Breggin for doing this wonderful work. My heart goes out to Michelle. I have felt a kinship to her since the case was first publicized. Here on my new radio station I read from my own published memoir about TEEN DESTRUCTIVE RELATIONSHIPS. I hope the story, which parallels Michelle’s story, is helpful in shedding some light on what MAY possibly have been going on between her and Conrad….

    The show, which is pre-recorded, will go live Tuesday August 15 2017 and will be accessible thereafter in archives.

    Note: Statistics vary as to how common these relationships are. Back in the early 1970’s, as far as I could tell, relationships such as I was in were rare. I am lucky that I was able to leave the relationship and go on with my life.

    Love, Julie (and Puzzle)

  • I suspect, Mr Fogel and anyone, that we all define “benefit from drugs” differently.

    For instance, I recall someone went to her doctor for drugs. He tried many. He was giving her drugs for depression and asked her if the drugs were “helping.” Finally, she told him that the third was best “because finally he ha given her something that helped her sleep.” This is an example of a short-term miscommunication with minimal harm, I hope.

    Define benefit. I asked for pills. I was given pills and asked if they were “helping.” I noticed Lithium helped with my eating disorder. I said, “Yes, it does.”

    They said, “Oh, so it helps with your bipolar.”
    I said, “No, I came with an eating disorder, not bipolar.”
    They said, “We don’t notice an eating disorder.”

    For 30 years, I judged “effective” by how well a treatment helped me with ED. THEY judged a treatment by how little I “complained” afterward. Much complaining got me a paranoia diagnosis., or an accusation of “whining.” Yes they didn’t help much at all.

    That I know of, patients define “it’s working” differently. Some even want a high.


  • I want to add that such Destructive Friendships, though uncommon, do happen occasionally during adolescents. Usually these are romantic partnerships or intense friendships.

    I have located a YouTube series about Destructive Relationships. Almost all of these were teens or junior high age kids. I, too, was involved in such a friendship. In my case, this was with another girl in high school These friendships are intense and often, others are unaware of what is happening. It appears to be “best friends.” Really, in my case, it was slavery. Literally.

    Please read my memoir, “This Hunger Is Secret,” which is available now completely free at my blog, Go to the sidebar. Here you will find my memoir, “This Hunger Is Secret” as .pdf. The memoir is not specifically about the friendship with my “best friend” in high school. However, within the book are sections describing what went on. Since the book is written in braided fashion this story is woven within the narrative, that is, the chapter about my high school experience is divided up into sections which you will need to piece together. It starts later in the book, not at the beginning.
    DR BREGGIN, IF YOU FIND IT USEFUL TO THE LEGAL CASE FOR MICHELLE CARTER, please feel free to use it. And tell the lawyers.

    This type of friendship is not common but does happen. Again, usually it is a romantic relationship. And often, it results in a destructive end. I was luckier than most.

    Julie Greene

  • I don’t know why we are bashing Dr. K here. Many, in fact most have NO reaction to anti-d’s, certainly nothing positive EXCEPT the “I sure hope it’s working” effect that lasts about three weeks until the usual letdown. Some have horror story reactions to them. Many feel jittery and get off right away and try another one. Isn’t this what usually happens? Some become manic, right? But if 100% had horror story reactions, I doubt we’d have anyone out there singing the praises of Prozac and the like. I think Dr. K is right. Most do not react in any significant way except “I hope…” In fact, we don’t even hear those stories because the reaction is insignificant. It won’t make a big smashing horror story here on MIA, nor will it be written by NAMI-backed “Take your meds” story writers. These stories, the “Meh” stories aren’t going to even get written up. In fact, those of us whose reactions were “Meh” might not even recall trying the drugs, decades ago. The memories may be so insignificant that they have faded away by now.

    What was that drug?

    Think before you bash. He is right!


  • Thanks so much for this. Back around 1982 I started begging my doctors for drugs to help me with binge eating. Since therapy never worked I had begun to believe the binge eating was endogenous.

    It was! Only PLEASE hear me out. It was, for me, caused by the extreme dieting I had done back in 1980. Dieting was not a popular thing to do back then. It doesn’t take long before you get stuck in it. Crash dieting will set many people into a vicious cycle that is hard to stop. You get sucked into it and you get to the point, in fact rather quickly, where your body demands that you binge and/or starve yourself. It isn’t so easy to stop once you start and it isn’t some “underlying psychological problem” but the fact that you dieted, or didn’t eat right to begin with, or you didn’t have access to adequate food for your body.

    Is this a mental illness? No, but I had heard that these drugs stop binge eating so I begged for them, I would do anything to get it to stop. I was rather desperate, so I even “faked” various supposed MI’s of the day, since the doctors claimed eating disorders were petty.

    I must have done a damn good acting job all those decades till I escaped. However, all of life is a stage as far as I know. My suggestion is that you all’s left playing the nut roles quit them ASAP, or get yourselves fired. And Live your Lives. Because it’s more fun that way.

    Love, Julie and Puzzle

  • I’d just like folks who are subscribed to this thread to know that I am launching a radio show on Blog Talk Radio this coming Monday, August 14, 2017, topic: Psychiatric Diagnosis. Pros and Cons. I am inviting anyone who sees this to call in and discuss the topic for 30 minutes. I will upgrade the station when we get listenership and an enthusiastic following.

    Call this number: (323) 443-7210 Press 1 or *1 to speak live to the host (me). at 3pm New York time.

    Please join in the discussion! Psych diagnosis! Monday th 14th of August 2017 at 3pm New York time. This is a live radio discussion.


  • Hey everyone! Call in show, Blog Talk Radio

    Call in! Monday August 14th 2017 at 3pm, Eastern Daylight Time , this is same as NEW YORK, (which is currently -4:00 as Daylight Time (summer), usually -5:00 in winter time).

    Pros and Cons of Psychiatric Diagnosis

    (323) 443-7210 This is only a half hour show until we get the ball rolling. Topics will vary.

  • Dear Dr. Breggin,

    How can I help out? Please get me in touch with Michelle and/or her family. I so much relate to her story.

    I can say that in the 34 years that I was a mental patient I wasn’t often suicidal but one time I was, It was 2012. it was during or following weight gain. I was underweight but was forced to gain via “treatment” and then just couldn’t stop bingeing. I hated my body, hated myself, refused in every way to leave the house except to walk the dog wrapped in the bulkiest coat I could find so that I could hide myself. It was an awful time. Summer came. I couldn’t take off that winter coat. I finally decided the only workable solution was to kill myself. I’m lucky my “plans” never panned out, and none of that ended up on my medical record.

  • I would also disagree with Jolly, but not for Seth’s reason. I don’t think all psych fields are based on stupidity.

    IF the field is based on putting people in categories, that is, based on What Is Wrong With You I Will Fix You! Then it very well may be edging on eugenics, since separating helpers from helpees is suggesting a tiered society. Once you start the separation, that is, the Division of Labor, it is tough to break that mentality.

    However, not all of psych is based on I AM The Great Helper Who Is Superior And Will Cure the Ailing Helpee. A handful refuse to use diagnosis and do not base their work on stating that anything is “wrong” with the person/people they are working with.

    I have met a few who claim to be “alternative.” All I can say is….There’s alternative, and there are outright quacks out there…,,,,,,,,, YOU CHOOSE. And it’s okay to say NO THANKS.

    I personally got better because I realized that going to any sort of shrink, healer, doctor, etc, was verifying the disease state and sustaining me as an ill, disabled person. I realized it just didn’t have to be that way. Thus ended 34 years of “mental illness.” Which had little do do with drugs. it was all about brainwashing. I left all that behind, and i believe others can benefit from recognizing the depth of the brainwashing done to them, too.

  • Thanks, Susan. I want to say that I was a guinea pig for “residents” at McLean. They were kids and they got to toss me around like a plaything for a few years. Well, now they are grown up, mostly rich I suppose. I should have been paid handsomely for being their stepping stone.

    All the while I kept a journal. Those residents scoffed at me as if my writing were child’s play.

    Dear Residents, Here’s what Anne Lamott has to say, “You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories. If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better.” –from Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life

  • Dear Diary, (30 years ago when I was 29) I feel great on this drug called Lithium. It is helping me so much with my eating disorder. I heard something today from another patient about it causing kidney problems later in life. I wonder if that’s true. I never heard that from the doctor, so probably it’s a very rare side effect. Funny how thirsty I feel. I wonder if J’s worries about kidneys were part of his mental illness. He keeps talking about the harms that these medications can cause. I guess he has a lot of problems….

    I seem to sunburn a lot from the other pills. They said I could get Tardive Dyskensia, but not till I’m in my 50’s, so not to worry. I’m not worried, I’m only in my 20’s now, i’m only concerned with how I feel now. Why worry about what happens when I’m an old lady? I’ll never get to be THAT old. Gee, that’s way too far away to worry about.

    Today I filled out a survey they gave us. I put 100% for all of my pills. I wonder what J put. Boy does he have serious problems……I’d better get something for this sunburn, geez…

    Love, Julie

  • Walter K, My observation of patients, over 34 years, as fellow patient, is that they get better on their own, yes. I have seen it with my own eyes. If you observe, people do.

    Any form of “treatment” sustains the belief that there is an “illness.” Therefore, “treatment” sustains and prolongs any “illness” state there is, causing more illness and ultimately, early death.

    I don’t know about anyone else out there but to me it’s just plain ole common sense. Which we as a species should use more often.


  • Thanks, Bob, There is so much corruption going on behind the curtain at the uppermost levels. I am surprised Lieberman is still alive.

    I have tried to get a grasp on the dopamine super-sensitivity thing. Does anyone out there know if this is what causes our permanent, hellish insomnia that plagues so many of us, on or off drugs, in our later years? This is totally separate from apnea, which seems to be a separate issue though overdiagnosed for sure. I for one cannot sleep at all without chemicals. and this seems to be permanent damage.

    Or, is it that epigentic methylation thing? Does anyone out there have an actual cure? Even the supposed cure my naturopath suggested doesn’t really work. Anyone out there please contact me if you have any answers, many are desperate……..

  • Dr. Breggin I am from Massachusetts and I had an ED 34 years. As soon as I read this my heart went out to this girl. I feared that starvation or some other consequence, combined with drug effects may have played a part. She could have been dehydrated or her electrolytes could have been off, or she could have been right in the middle of a binge, which hardly anyone understands. And the drugs are unpredictable if a person is starving and adolescent.

    I cried when I read the story. I am so moved that you helped her out. She was only 17. I have blogged extensively about this case in my blog.

    Since when will putting her in prison do anything to help bring Conrad Roy back? Will it help society? Is she THAT dangerous? Or dangerous at all? I don’t think putting her in prison is the right thing. It helps no one and it only increases society’s ignorance. Imprisonment preys on our fears.

    Is there any way I can help? Can I get in touch with her?

  • Henry, I am a survivor of a brainwashing religious cult. I was brainwashed by the Moonies in 1979. They don’t use drugs. They use deceptive recruiting tactics, LOVE, and also, a lot of truth. They mix in a few lies, but who is going to notice if they are oh so kind? I managed to walk away from the Moonies after ten days. Yet the brainwashing done by therapy and it’s cohort, drugs, kept me convinced I had a “mental illness” for over three decades. Yes it’s painful to leave. The grieving of changing beliefs after three decades is unbelievable. Some do not get over it, sorry to say, just like many never get over leaving a cult. They commit suicide, or are so angry they are stuck in misery. I can say, though, with confidence that time can and does heal the grieving, much like time heals most any grief. It’s important not to re-label our grieving, which will only delay and prolong the process, even turn it into yet one more supposed “mental illness.” It’s so tempting to return to the cult, too. But don’t go back. Allow time to do its work.

  • Henry I do not know a darned thing about AIDS nor do I have it so I won’t get into that debate. However, I agree and we need to listen carefully here. Guilt by Association.

    Many of us make claims that others find dubious. We may be correct about some claims and others, we may not be. Some may still be unprovable according to any scientific means and yet unexplored by any research thus far.

    Then along comes research. We may change our minds, or not. I believed, until recently, that I had a mental illness. I would defend that mental illness vehemently. I now do not believe this. I changed my mind. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.

    Does this past statement, “I am mentally ill,” discredit me? Should I go back and change my past statements? I do not change them because I want to illustrate to others the changes that a person goes through, that belief and growth is a transformation, which is truly what learning is. It’s why we are human, we grow and change in time.

  • I would like to know if they took incarceration into account. Incarceration could tip the scales one way or the other. If the patients are drugged the nurses might treat the patient differently. The drugs are clearly in the patient’s system and this is clear to nurses when the pt drools or paces or twitches. The patient isn’t going to do these from a placebo unless he’s copying other patients while incarcerated, perhaps just to feign being drugged so he’ll get out faster. Which is another factor. Drug response gets you out.

  • Henry, a former friend of min e summed up the pro psych camp succinctly. I asked her why she never read the links and materials I sent her, while I, in turn, continued to remain a devoted friend and consistently read her emails to the end and clicked on any link she sent, thinking this is how friends support friends, isn’t it?

    She replied, “Oh no, if it’s about human rights, I refuse to read it.”

  • Just this morning I was joking to myself that we should be paid minimum wage for waiting room time that we spent waiting for late doctors. For time waiting in ER’s, that should be $50 an hour, for time waiting in psych holds, that should be more like $300 an hour, and for time in restraints, well, you can’t even pay that much. Any time on wards or in commitment, unfathomable money. We should be overrun with dough for the time we spent. Retirement is overdue at this point.

  • Dee, I think it is epigenetics, methylation of genes that causes the insomnia. So many drugs do this and I am not sure if there is a fix except reinstating and then, slowly coming off, or for us older folks, staying on a very low dose just to get some sleep. I have been phoning sleep clinics at random in the USA to see if they have any knowledge of epigenetics. So far, they seem to shove it under the rug and deliberately do anything they can to diagnose with sleep apnea. In fact, these clinics look scary slick to me, reeking of scam especially since insurance pays for the equipment. I think pharm is behind the denial of the methyalation and epigetics. Yet it is clearly in the literature. (Apologies for spelling errors I am losing my vision.)

  • John just about anything can be a poison, for instance, iron supplements if given in too high a dose. When you consider lithium 300, the starting dose, that is like supplementing with an insane amount of lithium that no nutritionist would ever consider safe to give.

    Then consider the others. Would a nutritionist ever give a vitamin that made a person twitch and call that healing? I doubt it. Twitching would be seen as a sign of vitamin toxicity I’d imagine yet when it’s pharm, it’s a “side effect,” an “acceptable trade-off,” or even sometimes called “responding to the medication.” Down the line, if we die too young, who is going to care anymore, or even notice? By then, they’ve upped our diagnoses to something more “severe.” It was the illness. “Oh, isn’t mental illness a terrible thing. Oh dear, it was the stigma that killed him, wasn’t it? Died in his sleep.” And the doc has left for New Zealand on a cruise.

  • Look at who this “tiny percentage” of violent are. Look at how we treat the “tiny percentage.” What is it that we do? Well? We may allow them out, now and then, but with obvious caution, one hand clearly on the Panic Button, and we make that Loud and Clear and Insulting enough. We put up very clear signs, You Can’t Bring Weapons Here, and, We Really Expect Violent Behavior From You. So what are we expecting? Violent behavior. Why not stop the expectations…which really come from diagnosis. The diagnosis called Criminal Record. The diagnosis called You were in a mental Prison once. The diagnosis called You Grew Up Poor. The Diagnosis Called All Foster Kids End Up Drug Addicts. We need to end that. End the barriers and even if the “background check” is done (since policy seems to require it), disregard it, let people in. Let folks in who are willing to work, who are wanting jobs, who are probably going to be great tenants, who are honest, who are talented, who mean no harm. Let’s disregard those marks that were in the past. The past is the past. The future should mean OPPORTUNITY, opportunity for all human beings. No more lockup, that is going to be past tense. My plan is to get as many employers, taxpayers, landlords, educational institutions, anyone who agrees to sign on. No more locked doors. And this will spread like a stone dropped in water.

  • Thanks, I’ve saved this very comprehensive list for my files! I am sure others will also find it useful!!! As I see it, psych is not a hard science and using humans as subjects is problematic. “How do you feel?” is not collecting data, since “How do you feel” is mostly a reflection of the psychiatrist or therapist.

  • I’ve been trying to get some rapport with certain legislators by contacting them. I try to limit frequency to increase my impact. Or hoping to do so. I figure whatever I send should be no more than a short paragraph, maybe two. That’s it. And not a form letter. How many times can you read the same ole? Another thing I have done (that really works) is either tear at their heartstrings or even crack a joke. Or wish them a nice day.

  • I’m wondering about the one honest one that did respond and what the response was. What type of practitioner was this (social worker, psychiatrist, etc…) how long working in the field, and did that person have any suicides to report?

    A friend of mine was on a ward where there was a suicide right on the ward. There was an investigation afterward and other patients were questioned. I’m sure the story the investigators heard from fellow patients was much different from the lies told by “staff.”

    As I see it, I can’t understand why a suicide is EVER called “no foul play” as it always involves “foul play.”

    I have seen wrongful deaths also, people whose very serious physical complaints went unheard.

  • this is my theory of psychiatry and most of medicine:

    1. The doctor and medical institution does whatever is in their best interest financially, including diagnosing the patient.
    2. In the process, the goal is to maintain as many patients on the patient roster as possible, “keeping the numbers up” rather than curing inductees.
    3. In the process, patients may be harmed by the procedures or “treatments.”
    4. After medical harm, re-diagnosis to a more complex or more severe diagnosis, or add a diagnosis, and send patient to a higher level of “care” or more intensive or restrictive “care.” This may harm further. Repeat.
    5. In the event of inevitable patient death, blame the patient’s condition, which you have already given to cover your ass.

    Very scientific.

  • The body does everything it can to protect the brain and heart, even if that means sacrificing the peripheral parts such as fingers and toes during times of famine. In my opinion we should not be messing with what’s inside the skull. Hands off, I say! We humans are apparently so thick-headed, we just can’t resist.

  • JanCarol, Even now, many who are still devotees of the Mental System tell me pimples are horrible and should be medicated, as should cramps, headaches, sore throats, etc. They also ask me how on earth I can live without a doctor. I’ve had one of them ask me how I cope if I “scrape” myself. I gotta laugh. I admit, back in my slave days I really did call the doc every time I fell down and “scraped” myself.
    If you fall down, you got two choices.

    Door#1: You can lie there in the road and call you doctor, and stay lying there, waiting for him/her to return your call, but in the meanwhile, the cops might pick you up and take you to the nuthouse.

    Door #2: Get up.

    We do have choices. And life isn’t always easy, nor perfect, nor nice. People are generally uncaring. The weather sucks sometimes. And that’s the way it is. Tomorrow, it might be better.

  • Yes there is a connection between psych drugs and fractures also. Risperdal causes raised prolactin which ends up lowering estrogen. So that’s another one for your physical therapist. And I broke my leg due to Risperdal. I also had a sprain from Trileptal. This is due to a common side effect (this I blogged about in 2011) which is ankle and wrist weakening. It’s called Ataxia. This is one of the most common side effects. Many drugs cause ataxia and it’ll make you sway on your feet and make you seem to have lousy balance and you might fall. Of course my shrink denied it. This is what your phys therapist is seeing. No surprise there. Double vision? That too. Seizures. Yep. Oh wait, let’s not forget enlarged heart chambers, unwanted weight gain and early death. What do you get when you go to a shrink?

  • We’re talking about two separate conditions here. Yes the CPAP has to be continued once it is started. Glasses actually may not. Later in life some people find their eyes improve. Or they get contacts. Going without them is a nuisance, but I’m not going to choke, lose oxygen, or have a stroke. I usually paw around and try to find where I put them!!

    As for the sleep issues, these are two separate issues, drug damage is just not the same although you can have apnea but drug damage isn’t apnea. These are like apples and oranges. I’ve concluded that if you were on a gigantic cocktail and don’t have any evidence whatsoever of apnea it’s going to be a huge waste to go to a sleep clinic. i have phoned them, many, in several states. They set you up with a LUNG doctor, not a sleep specialist. They want to rule out apnea. And during the very first sleep study they even put a mask on you. And if you tell them you can’t sleep they give you drugs to make you sleep. So if you stop breathing ON DRUGS they claim you have apnea. This is their logic, their criteria. I couldn’t find ONE that set you up with a sleep specialist right off the bat except the local psych hospital. I’m not going there, of course. No psych.

    My next course of action is to call a sleep center (no where near where I live) at random, and ask about a sleep study for DRUG DAMAGE (I will say it’s a friend) ans see if they’ve even heard of it. Is this really that hidden from the public if this many are affected? Dear FDA….Who is responsible? The drug companies or the irresponsible prescribers who put us on cocktails years ago? Where do we go with this? The media?

  • I never once said to stop using the machine, JanCarol. In fact, what I did say was that the machine is addictive and once you start it you have to stay on it. I’m very aware of this. I never would tell a person to stop using it, nor did I say that, nor did I tell your friend to stop, nor am I responsible for your friend’s death. I know in my heart that it is overdiagnosed, that many of us are drug damaged and do not have need for a machine, nor have breathing problems and we’re on this site due to damage from chemicals, not from breathing problems, though of course crossover is possible. Again, not once did I encourage anyone to stop using the machine. I just said apnea is overdiagnosed. There is a difference. Don’t blame ME for your friend’s death. I’m sorry it happened but please don’t take it out on me. I didn’t cause it.

  • We have a forum going for those who do NOT have sleep apnea (it’s really obvious you guys) and whose sleep problems are definitely from drug damage. Go to the forums and then, go to psychiatric drugs. We have a long thread under Zyprexa but some of us took other cocktail shit. Also I am making a wordpress site for it, just to see how many exactly there are. I suspect thousands, but out of those, very few dare to admit it, or are even able to. I suspect of those affected, many have already committed suicide. So many people simply see no way out.

  • Hey Frank, I’m all for refusing all mental health “treatment.” Which road is that?

    Because I refuse it, I am recovered from it. Because I got away from others who refused to see me as anything but mentally ill, I am recovered from being seen as mentally ill.

    It was a very very bad idea. The wrong road. I got off of it. I live a full and happy life now, not depending on anyone, nor needy, nor suffering, nor depressed. I actually have a career, too. Because I left the psychs far behind.

    Personal is political. Live well. Set a good example, ya’alls.

  • May I point out that we’ve been making these efforts as patient whistleblowers for years already? I did it myself. I confronted the prescribers and asked why every single patient on the ward was being given the same drug. Or was on the same meal plan. Or had the same diagnosis. Or was told the same lies. Or had the same treatment plan. I know nurses and others who confronted management likewise.

    The workers were usually fired, or worse. Patients were silenced, drugged, incarcerated, discredited, dead. Or disgusted with the movement for one reason or another.

    Patient whistleblowers are expendable, they kill us all the time. As I figure I’ll be found dead someday, too. Life is short, Well, there are risks we take, right?

  • Oldhead at the time I was brainwashed and as expected I confused the message with a “stigma” campaign and didn’t quite understand what she was saying. I thought it was a push for better treatment or more treatment. Or a good doc vs bad doc message. My approach then was kinda juvenile, the usual way a mental patient is taught to think.

    I notice those that are new to the system tend to believe there are actually “good doctors” out there and their goal is to stick around and find one. So they keep on dismissing the bad ones, telling themselves they hope to find “better docs.” Of course, the harm’s been done. They’ve been brainwashed into thinking they NEED a doc and can’t live without one. This is the basic lie. This is the invisible disease no one even notices.

  • Hi Kindred, check out my review of my former psychiatrist that I just put up…
    I get good ratings on Yelp because I write rather specific details on my experiences and I am honest. It pays to have MFA-level training in memoir. My shrinks didn’t want me to get my degree. I now know all too well why. They wanted me to drop out of college and go to day treatment instead. I disobeyed and they were pissed. ha ha ha ha……

  • Frank I am trying something similar. My approach is as follows: People coming out of prison can’t get hired. People coming out of nuthouses can’t get hired. Neither are welcome in society most anywhere, we can’t get housing either. My idea is to bust this down, to break down barriers and to empower, and end that we’re somehow inferior or “marked” for life. I also want to end the sex criminal list, which is totally illogical, helps no one, and really ruins their lives, promotes fear, and only a tiny fraction of violators get tried and nailed. They can’t get hired, either. So that’s what I want to start. I wrote to a local organization telling them to take down the sign up front saying “no weapons” since if you expect violence that is what you’ll get. No barriers. No walls. No more locks. No security. No cops. Take the hand off the panic button because we can see you. So that is the kind of thing I am aiming for.

  • Don’t get me started on medical harm. I have seen with my own eyes two hospital roommates die at their hands. I saw a guy admitted to psych from the ER and while they were doing the psych intake he dropped dead. The psych staff said, “he was a regular.” Well that was why. The ER profiled him upon arrival instead of treating his cardiac issues, which likely he had come in complaining about. Saw it all with my own eyes, heard them lie, too. And what lies did they tell the family? 2011. I saw them panic, too. Hurrying to cover it all up.

    I was on an eating disorders floor where the drug of the day was Zyprexa so I confronted the head nurse since she felt like talking to me. I asked her why they were lyiing to patients and telling them Z was a sleeping pill. She said “Who cares? It makes them gain weight. Don’t the ends justify the means?”

    I saw the dollar signs everywhere.

  • Frances I didn’t even know drug-induced insomnia was lawsuit material. I had it too. Five years of no sleep. I didn’t go to a sleep clinic but I used sleep trackers that indicated I was only getting into a hypnotic state and was not getting any REM nor deep sleep. Naturally I was exhausted beyond belief, a total bitch, and feared my organs would collapse. Finally, without seeing any doctor at all, due to my fear of getting labeled again, I managed to get substances to help me sleep, very small quantity, which is key. I tapered off, very slowly, and now do okay on aryuvedic herbs. It was hell on earth. Constant exhaustion. I look back and realize people commit suicide due to exhaustion like that. I didn’t. I lived. And equally hell was that my psychiatrist who had caused it claimed it was due to mania. Her claim was so illogical. Then she claimed I was “mixed.” Anything but taking the blame. Actually, I want an apology more than I want to sue.

  • I was told by an orthopedist that I would not walk nor run again. This after he xrayed one knee and that supposedly “proved” it to me. I didn’t see anything wrong in this xray. The bones were not making contact. The idiot didn’t even look at the other knee, the one that worked fine. Apparently the bones were too close together, he claimed, I think they’re the same in both knees. Maybe he’d never examined a short person before. Thankfully, I did not take him seriously. I know people who think these medical people are gods on high and would spend the rest of their lives in wheelchairs just cuz THEY say so. Or….maybe they want to be DIS abled and need a doc’s note…… Geez I did not want that and still run 5k. I’m 59. Run away from these a$$holes.

  • Bonnie, I usually ask therapists, “How sliding is your scale?” and they tell me sixty dollars!!!! Sixty! This is well over what a person on so-called “disability” can afford. Or anyone earning minimum wage. I remember ages ago (1981) I paid five dollars. Sixty is insane for something that isn’t a life necessity such as food or a roof over one’s head. And they charge sixty for group therapy, too. That’s the sliding rate. i don’t care how feminist they are, that is just a marketing ploy, I will not pay that. You want advice, ask your friends. Do an online search. Don’t pay for it, because paid friends is prostitution.

  • Yes because we suddenly have a tiered society. Patients and staff. Us and Them. That was never there before. This is a fallacy that is actually hard to get out of one’s head once it’s there.

    I know patients, and even ex ones, insist that “professionals” are experts. I have worked with them and I try so hard to break down this myth. No you don’t have to consult a doctor to make life decisions. No you don’t have to ask a therapist. No they aren’t experts. No you don’t have to see one to straighten yourself out. They aren’t the experts on this thing called life. However, the myth is so pervasive that it’s nearly impossible to stop it. “The hospital will save me, they are the only ones….I have to call a doc, I feel anxious…..I have withdrawal, I need an doc for the brain zaps…..” They aren’t gods nor saviors but that’s hard to get out of people’s heads once it’s in there.

    Maybe the question to ask is the following: What field exactly are the experts in? Probably corruption, lying, deception, and coverup, but anyway……

  • Bonnie I am not alone and that is what “therapy” is. Guesswork. Easy moneymaker, if you want to do it. Charge a fee to look legit, keep the patient sick, needy and dependent for as long as possible by adding diseases. If you’ve damaged the patient, change the diagnosis and blame the patient for the damages, and then, incarcerate to keep the patient silent to avoid a malpractice suit. Wow what a perfect formula to hide that this is a scam.

  • Thanks, Bonnie. This is very helpful for my own research. May I point out the Castlewood eating disorders center? This apparently was run by “therapists” who were accused of putting false memories in patients heads, ritualistic abuse. I’m not sure how this all panned out. I know there were lawsuits and the “therapists” were minimally punished.

    I was also subject to this, in a much subtler way. So I know they tend to strongly suggest IT MUST BE YOUR PARENTS and assume assume assume! My poor parents! The assumptions were so rude! Like assuming my mom was “enmeshed” cuz that’s what the textbook said! Then they said my mom was “distant.” Then they said my parents were “demanding.” Jeepers does it ever end!!!! Shove it in my face, won’t you? Over the years I heard horrific stories of abuse from other patients, even from therapists who had boundary problems, and I saw it and heard it with my own eyes and ears, so I know what real abuse is. My parents did not fit into that category AT ALL. For whatever reason, therapists assume you had bad parents, and they can’t seem to accept that maybe you didn’t.

  • I’m guessing the reason why you feel suicidal is because no one is there, right? Isolation happens because of psych care, not because of any negative quality you have. It’s because you went to them and they gave you a phony diagnosis. It is due to what THEY did, not because of what you did. So you need to stop believing the diagnosis, and live your life as YOU. Because you are that person who is autonomous who does not need them, who lived a beautiful life without them and can do this again. Because you deserve a mate, and because someone out there will truly benefit from knowing you, and because you have much to give. Go find people and show them you are an awesome person who isn’t a label.

  • I haven’t read the comments here as there are just too many! Michael, the question of intelligence in the profession amuses me and brings back memories of discussions I had with my parents way back when. I come from a well-educated family and (I am ALWAYS very embarrassed to admit this) we are all highly intelligent, whatever the heck that means. My dad went to Johns Hopkins and I remember being a music/math nerd.

    When I took myself to therapy, and eventually, psychiatry, I then introduced my parents to my therapists via family therapy, and finally I got on pills, my choice, and we had to meet the psych. I was so embarrassed to introduce my parents to these idiots.

    I had been so proud, way back, to introduce them to faculty members at my college. This had certainly not been embarrassing at the faculty weren’t stupid! I recall, in a family session, a therapist was clueless about Jewish culture and traditions, mispronounced a Jewish holiday, and worse.

    My dad noted that one of my shrinks was just plain thickheaded, had no common sense, and had warped logic. They didn’t get a logical explanation from him as to why I had “schizophrenia” as I never had it!

    Years later, my dad tried to point out that maybe I was depressed because I was locked up, but the shrinks wouldn’t hear any of it. My dad was a scientist, an electronics engineer and I can see why his company, Raytheon, hired him, promoted him, and eventually paid to help him get a second master’s degree later in life.

    My dad believed in human rights and told me I should, too. He told me I should read Judi Chamberlin’s book, told me it was very important. He told me I was much smarter than the doctors. Before he died he told me I’d outsmart them someday. He said I’d make it, too. He died in 1997.

  • MY BOYFRIEND DIED in 2003 AND HE WAS ON THIS DRUG. Sorry for the caps but I have known (and have written about it) deep in my heart that the drug did much of the damage. We’d been dating 17 years when he died.

    They couldn’t court-order him in MA, but they did it anyway via guardianship. His family got around the court-appointed guardian bit, but unfortunately he was put on the Clozaril at McLean. I hold myself fully responsible for supporting the idea of the Clozaril as well. I had been on it, too, as a Clozaril guinea pig, years previously.

    His time in the hospital in 1998 was just awful, many human rights violations. I was going to school at the time, a fiction class. I went to see him daily when he was there. The hospital should be ashamed of the disrespectful and outright cruel way they treated him. I hope McLean is reading this right now. I heard the stuff they said, too, when I went to visit….

    Anyway, he got out, got out of the halfway house too. He was still on Clozaril. That and Trilafon and Prozac from my recollection. It was August. We had tickets for the game, the Lowell Spinners where we often went. Two days before, on a Tuesday afternoon he collapsed in his own elevator and died. They said it was around 4:30 and I am guessing he was headed out to buy cigarettes.

    The drugs are responsible for making it impossible for him to quit smoking. Lithium, which he had taken in his 30’s was responsible for diabetes insipidus, and I don’t think he was even aware he had it. I remember when he first got on Clozaril he was vomiting a lot. He threw up right outside De Marneff. Served those assholes right. Then they put him on some purple pill. That and Ditropan. We used to joke about the cup of coffee ending up in his lap (the dropsies) and fishing for words. Not actually all that funny, but we had to make the best of things.

    I didn’t expect him to die. I never knew if he saw it coming. I tried to think back and remember. But I just don’t know. I loved him so much.

  • Bonnie I really think we need to address incarceration, period. How on earth did prison did get reworded as “hospital” and why did the public blindly accept this? It’s easy for me, having been incarcerated over 50 times, to understand how even the most intelligent and insightful of patients can be brainwashed to believe it all. Most are totally convinced but a few are not, and those are the lucky ones! Anyway, the public, too, is totally duped. The elephant in the room is so big, it cannot be seen. We, with all knowledge, theories, and arguments, tend to make this all too complicated and analyze it to death. But it’s so simple. NO ONE SHOULD BE LOCKED UP. And that’s it.

  • Exactly. And keep telling the stories. I just posted one more Yelp review!!! Since when is psycho-drama “therapeutic” when the “therapist” abuses in a narcissistic and controlling manner?

    I notice the only thing “they” can do is to bribe sucker patients into writing nice reviews to get their star ratings up. However, Yelp is very fond of me. I write engaging stories. And I love doing it. It’s like getting published for free! Yet one more way to get your voice heard, folks……

  • Bonnie, thanks for bringing this to our attention. To me, the victory seems bittersweet because, as you say, these atrocities shouldn’t happen in the first place. I’m wondering what each of us, as educated and aware individuals, to find these sadistic psychiatrists and therapists and stop abuse before it happens (or reoccurs).

    One way, as I see it, is to report abuse. We need to get victim’s voices heard. Lauren Tenney does a great job of this in her radio shows, allowing victims to call in. She also has a call-in number where you can report abuse.

    I don’t know about Canadian laws, but in the USA there are mandatory reporting laws. I know when I was being abused on a medical floor, I let every single person know who would listen. Every doctor who came, any nurse or anyone who wore a uniform. Of these, one or two of the nurses, one of the 1:1 people, the student nutritionist, and even the phlebotomy teacher and a few of her students believed my story. I ask myself today why they thought they didn’t have to report abuse. Another person who arrived at my bedside was a patient satisfaction person. I told her everything and begged her to report this abuse to her supervisor. She gave me a blank stare and said, “It’s my last day and I’m leaving.” Aren’t these folks trained in mandatory reporting, and bound by law to tell the authorities? A state legislator said my situation was so illegal I could have phoned the police.

    Another thing we ourselves can do is to scour the studies for anything coming out in “their” literature about great new therapies. Dishonest people expose themselves all the time since lying isn’t as easy as telling the truth. We need to spot the use of euphemisms, vague language, overblown recovery rates, and misuse of statistics. If we hear anecdotal evidence (stories) about harm coming from such great therapies, these need to be taken seriously.

    We need to make it easier for victims to come forward and protect them if they do. Victims who are particularly vocal (writers, journalists) are a threat to “them” and retaliation for the purpose of silencing or discrediting will go wall beyond what is legal. Many of us have been killed, subject to anonymous (hired?) bullying, tortured to the point of suicide, drugged, repsychiatrized, or incarcerated. Spouses and kids are not spared.

    I encourage MIA (editors, please note) to publish more patient stories, and fewer statistical babble from so-called “professionals.” I am so sick of hearing story after story about the “great new therapy” because if it’s more duplication of psych, or psych by another name, it’s bullshit.

    I don’t think anyone really knows unless they’ve been through the horrors. So-called “professionals,” if they really want to dismantle the system…I challenge you: Why are you still practicing (“therapy” included)? If you are truly anti-psych, don’t practice what you know is torture! Please report abuse, listen to survivors (because we should be the ones talking here!) and encourage other so-called professionals to report also.

    These torture operations need to end. We victims need to get our voices out there.

    If you see something, SAY SOMETHING!

  • Oh my god, me too! I was a member of a group of women (I actually started the group) and their thing was “we gained weight from meds.” So the whole thing was about losing the weight we had gained. I’d say this was around 2006 that we started.

    So this was a tight group of women. They kicked me out one day. Of course, what was happening was that I was “questioning.” Questioning everything, all the decades of lies.

    Questioning will lead to bullying, and I mean on both ends. I got it from my pals first, they kicked me out and started posting horrible stuff about me. Then, I ended up with a new therapist who was narcissistic in her ways of doing therapy. So I was really in a rough spot then.

    Sadly, these exfriends made up their minds I was borderline. I saw they posted this on there, saying I should be put away and that my dog should be taken from me because I was incompetent and dangerous. Oh, they went on and on and I hated reading it but kept reading. My exfriend denied the borderline bit but she was the one who wrote it. She also called the cops on me. It was actually swatting! Unnecessary police call.

    So anyway, yeah, it’s a wake-up call all right!!!!! You become the instant bad guy!!! Oh well……..I think the experience is so common we might as well say it’s almost universal. Leave the cult and they claim you’ve married the Devil. You’re possessed….contaminated.

    I have trauma reaction from it, too. I’ll never forget the day one person posted that I was “no longer human.” I copied the post, all their hateful words, and kept it all.


  • I would agree. When I was in the questioning phase (questioning psychiatry) I went through a lot of grieving. Those who used to talk to me just plain stopped (out of reasons you state above) and that left me with two years of no spoken conversation in my life. I feel very fortunate that this period ended. Becoming an activist was what did it for me. I have real friends now, supportive people in my life. Not just people who push others away assuming all sorts of bogus diagnoses.

  • No, I use color reversal and I make the type real big. Some people use screen readers which are narrators that read the screen. I think a braille way to read off a screen is in the works.

    Okay, now we need a vending machine for so-called “meds” so people can bypass a psych. Auto-pusher…….

  • I think things have changed since Judi’s time. Those I would call anti-psych are either survivors, ex-providers, or providers-turned-patients and either way, we all got utterly disgusted. Sometimes patients become providers but they are USUALLY not abolitioninsts, since look who pays them! Or it’s tough road to be on due to the irony they must have to face daily.

  • I love that, Bonnie. What is a democratic psychiatry? Or how can we get there? I don’t think any democracy can come out of locking people up, taking away their rights and using coercion, deceiving them, doing tortures such as electroshock, and shooting them up with dangerous drugs. I thought democracy was participatory where all people had rights to the decision-making process. I would say psych is anti-democracy, the pinnacle of it.

  • There are those out there that only want “better care.” They don’t realize that the entire “help” concept is wrong. I used to think the exact same thing. All I needed was a “better doctor.”

    I didn’t realize that doctor-dependency keeps many people sick and perpetuates the cult of neediness, the “help” mentality!

    All I can say is that I would wish for anyone Freedom from Doctors. It’s better than anything having my life back from slavery.

  • I love this discussion! I appreciate what you are saying, Frank that we must be realistic here. If we are going to dismantle something we know is wrong, but we’re up against what looks like an impossible goal, maybe it needs to be done incrementally.

    I also think strengthening communities and family will mean going to a psychiatrist is unnecessary. I think we need to make bit-by-bit changes in our communities, end labeling, be more open to discussion of what are now taboo topics, tell our stories any way we can, and encourage community activism based on embracing all humans.

    Many are already skeptical of the DSM. This runs across the board economically and across many disciplines. People working in in other fields. such as IT, the arts, other sciences, and legal fields to name a few are well aware of the harms caused by diagnosis (diagnonsense) alone.


  • You have to remember that back in the day, psychiatry wasn’t the same as it is now. Now it’s all the drugs. But even back then, incarceration was the main thing they did to known nutcases, and they still do. So psychiatrists put people iin nuthouses, mainly, and did “treatment” on the prisoners. i think we agree, do we not, that locking up people and doing “treatments” on them that largely are unsuccessful, if not, disasters, for sure needs to be abolished. Wish I could do it in an instant.

  • the accusations of being a Scientologist just have to be met with denial and a statement that we aren’t aligned with them. Yes, doesn’t look great on a resume, but a lot of groups hate psych and aren’t aligned with our goals.

    As I see it, psych is a cult, as is sci. So there are groups out there that use coercion, isolation, etc, and what I see is that people run from one cult right into the hands of another.

    Just lilke people go from one doctor to another, thinking they need a new doc. No, you need NO DOC. That’s how to not be sick.

    Run to freedom!

  • Yes but didn’t Szasz turn away from Scientology? I am well familiar with the CCHR and I know they’re a Sci front, but I know they do some good work, great films, too. I’m reading a book on Hitler and it seems the book is backed by Sci. Still I’m sure it’s all true. The book is darned scary, since it COULD happen again!

  • If the FDA can be convinced to make psych drugs, or most of them, unavailable because of the dangers and multiple lawsuits, the drugs will be sold as street drugs. Buying street drugs is far safer than going to a psychiatrist, anyway.

    I notice most “therapists” can’t seem to commit to abolition since clearly they still want to control people and run their lives. Dear Therapists, get off your high horses and just give up the fight. You DON”T know better!

  • Bonnie my original thing was that I noticed inhumane treatment in eating disorders. Immediately, just for pointing it out, kids (mostly) in ED treatment spoke out against me claiming I was “Pro Ana” or “Against Recovery.”

    There was really no point in arguing. I tried, though. I tried to say, “No, I’m not against getting better nor against “treatment,” only against inhumane treatment.”

    I have since noticed that in younger, less experienced patients, they tend to “split” over treatment. A good doctor, a bad one, a good hospital, a bad one. And that’s kinda a natural response here, you have a terrible experience and you end up RATIONALIZING it away by telling yourself, “They were the exception.” Because you don’t want to believe otherwise. You’re hoping it was only a bad apple and you keep coming back for more.

  • Frank I think the reason adolescents and young college age adults get roped in is because of the natural risk-taking in that age group. Plus we learn quickly, and are more open to new ideas. This makes a person prime target. We aren’t tied down in a marriage yet, still in many ways “seekers.” We may be going through ordinary teenage experiences yet we might more quickly fall for their lies, maybe simply because of a young person’s openness to try something new.

    Then, the doors behind us clicked shut. That sound, which would become all too familiar, again and again. We were slaves…..

  • bc harris, I have known neuros who will curse psychiatry under their breath! They see the damages!

    Also, look into the work of Grace jackson, MD. She is a psych but what she does is amazing in her observations of the harms. And she has seen many harmed people, especially the elderly who were on these substances for decades.

    As the Prozac generation gets older we’re now seeing the consequences. It’s not pretty.

  • If force was abolished, then psychiatry would rename Force. Didn’t they rename prisons as hospitals, and rename drugs as “meds”?

    When segregation was abolished in 1964, immediately Mississippi didn’t like it, so they found a loophole.

    You don’t want to pay taxes? Ah, loopholes, loopholes, till they become the norm…..

  • The increase in numbers who are turning against psychiatry is evidence that we’re getting somewhere. Plus look at all those out there who are “coming out,” or “questioning.” In ten years’ time, those folks will be staunch anti-psych or even becoming leaders in the Movement. Then, I suspect the walls will come down. Maybe it’s selfish of me to hope it all happens when I ‘m still alive.